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Alchemy Engine
Alchemy Engine Build
Crafting Boards ×4 Cut Stone ×2 Gold Nugget ×6
Tab Icon Science
Tier Science Machine
Perk Unlock even more crafting recipes
DebugSpawn "researchlab2"

Alchemy Engine
Alchemy Engine Build
Crafting Boards ×4 Cut Stone ×2 Electrical Doodad ×2
Tab Icon Science
Tier Science Machine
Perk Unlock even more crafting recipes
DebugSpawn "researchlab2"

Even more science-y than the last one!


Researchlab 2
The Alchemy Engine's animation when the player is nearby.
IsaacgAdded by Isaacg

The Alchemy Engine is a craftable Science structure. It costs 6 Gold Nuggets (since Reign of Giants it requires 2 Electrical Doodads), 4 Boards and 2 Cut Stones to craft. The Alchemy Engine is used to prototype tier 2 science items, effectively unlocking the items so that the player can craft them at any time with the materials required. Additionally, Sanity will increase by 15 if the player prototypes an item.

A Science Machine  is required to prototype an Alchemy Engine, except if the player is playing as Wickerbottom.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • In the early beta of Don't Starve the game used a "Research points" system instead of prototyping.
    • In old science system, it used to cost 200 Research Points to craft.
  • As of the "Hungry For Your Hunger" update, what used to be Tier 3 recipes, crafted on the Shadow Manipulator, have been moved to being crafted with the Alchemy Engine, due to the separation of Science and Magic.
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