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Tool Required Razor
Sanity Boost 10 (on shave)
Resources Beard Hair
Renewable? Yes
DebugSpawn None

Silky Beard
Tool Required Razor
Sanity Boost 10 (on shave)
Resources Silk
Renewable? Yes
DebugSpawn None

I made them with my face.


Beard is facial hair that Wilson and Webber grow. Shaving Wilson's Beard with a Razor creates Beard Hair, which is used in the making of a Meat Effigy, while shaving Webber's Beard will produce Silk, which is used in many crafting recipes. If the characters die and resurrect, the Beard growth resets.

Wilson is the only character capable of producing Beard Hair from shaving. Harvesting Tumbleweed and killing Beardlings, Beardlords, and Shadow Splumonkeys are the only method of acquiring Beard Hair when the player is playing any character besides Wilson. 

Growth and Shaving Edit

Days until growth Length Shaving Yield

Shaving Efficiency

4 Days (3 as Webber)

Short Beard 1 Beard Hair (1 Silk as Webber) .2 per day
7 Days (6 as Webber) Long Beard 3 Beard Hair (3 Silk as Webber) .375 per day
15 Days (9 as Webber) Magnificent Beard 9 Beard Hair (6 Silk as Webber) .5625 per day

Beard Hair

As the Beard doesn't grow longer after 16 days and the player loses it on resurrection or by changing characters, it is most efficient to shave after every sixteenth night.

Upon shaving a Beard at any length, Wilson and Webber's Sanity increases by 10. In terms of gaining Sanity, shaving every 5 days will yield the best results. Having a Beard does not drain Sanity. Similar to WX-78's upgrade powers, Wilson keeps his Beard when he uses a Wooden Thing to move to a new world.

Beard InsulationEdit

Wilson's beard also provides protection from freezing during Winter depending on the size of the Beard. Webber's beard provides less protection compared to Wilson's beard.

Beard Length Insulation Time
No Beard 0 seconds
Short Beard 15 seconds (11.25 as Webber)
Long Beard 45 seconds (33.75 as Webber)
Magnificent Beard

135 seconds (101.5 as Webber)

In the Reign of Giants DLC, having a beard still provides insulation which leads up to faster heat buildup, making it harder to stay cool.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Even though Wolfgang has a moustache, he doesn't grow a beard, saying his skin is too strong for hair.
  • Woodie has a beard, but says (when examining a Razor): "A true lumberjack never shaves". Therefore, he will not provide Beard Hair. It's revealed via lightning strike that Woodie's beard is part of his skull.


  • A good tip is to not shave your beard until the first winter is over, as the Beard provides non-durability warmth during the winter.
  • Shave your Beard after every winter so that it can grow back for the next winter, while also providing you with a small sanity boost and quite a bit of Beard Hair (as Wilson) or Silk (as Webber).
  • If you shave right after a season ends, your Beard can be a good indication of how long the following season is.

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