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Berries / Roasted Berries
Raw Cooked
Inventory slot background Berries

Fire Pit

Inventory slot background Roasted Berries
HealthMeter 0 1
Hunger 9.375 12.5
Sanity 0 0
Rot 6 Days 3 Days
Stacks up to 40 40
DebugSpawn "berries" "berries_cooked"
Dropped by Berry Bush Berry Bush2 Tumbleweed (1% x3)
I have a heartier appetite than that.


Berries are a Fruit that can be found on Berry Bushes. They are very common around grasslands and a good source of food early on. Berries are excellent filler ingredients for recipes in the Crock Pot, since they do not produce many dishes on their own. It is recommended that berries are kept raw (as they will spoil twice as fast when cooked) and only cooked when ready to eat.

Notably, Gobblers will eat Berries from Berry Bushes that have not yet been picked (or anywhere else they can find them).

Since berries are easier to get than other fruits and vegetables they're also a good way to get Manure by leaving a stack of berries near some Pigs. The pig will eat the berries over time and turn it into manure. 

Roasted BerriesEdit

Roasted Berries are made by Cooking Berries on a CampfireFire Pit or Star. They restore slightly more health and hunger than their raw counterparts.

While some characters will say things such as "I don't think heat improved them", Roasted berries still restore the player's hunger and health slightly more than regular berries. However, their max perish-time is halved.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundBerriesFire PitInventory slot backgroundRoasted Berries
Inventory slot backgroundBerriesPig IconInventory slot backgroundManure


Inventory slot backgroundBerries


Crock PotInventory slot backgroundFist Full of Jam
Inventory slot backgroundRoasted Berries


Crock PotInventory slot backgroundFist Full of Jam
Inventory slot backgroundButterInventory slot background EggInventory slot backgroundBerriesInventory slot backgroundTwigsCrock PotInventory slot backgroundWaffles

Any combination of cooked/raw berries will make jam and waffles.

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