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Inventory slot background Boomerang
Crafting Boards ×1 Silk ×1 Charcoal ×1
Tab Icon Fight
Tier Alchemy Engine
Damage 27.2
Durability 10 Uses
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "boomerang"
Why you hurt me throwing stick?


The Boomerang is a throwable Weapon and one of the six ranged weapons in the game. It requires 1 Boards, 1 Silk, and 1 Charcoal to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

The Boomerang returns to the player after being thrown. The player must catch it by holding down the action key (default Space key) while it is on its way back.  If it isn't caught after being thrown, it will hit the player, causing damage, and remove twice the durability on return, and the player will have to pick it up from the ground in order to use it again.

The Boomerang will return to the player even if the player moves from the original throwing spot. It will not hit a target if the target moves out of range before the Boomerang reaches it, but it will always return to the player.

If the player dies from being struck by a Boomerang, the Morgue will show the character's name under "Cause of Death".


  • The player can have more than one Boomerang out at a time. The action key must be held for each returning Boomerang, however.
  • The Boomerang kills rabbits and flying birds in one throw (except for characters who don't hit as hard, such as Wendy), making it a very fast method for gathering Morsels and feathers. However, nearby rabbits and birds will run away, and killing them directly raises naughtiness.
  • When playing as Wolfgang, he may do more or less damage depending on hunger level. He also receives the same damage multiplier from uncaught Boomerangs.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The description of Boomerang is "It comes from a land down under", which is a reference to Australia, where the Boomerang was invented by Aboriginal Australians. More specifically, it's a reference to a line from "Down Under", a song by Men at Work.


  • If a bird targeted by a boomerang flies away before it hits it, the boomerang will go to the spot where the bird was, and will constantly spin.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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