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Health 1
Walking Speed 5
Running Speed 5
Loot Butterfly Wings98%, Butter2%,Butterfly(Bug Net)
Spawns from FlowerEvil Flower
DebugSpawn "butterfly"

Inventory slot background Butterfly
Does not Spoil
Perk Can be planted as Flower
Dropped by Butterfly(Bug Net)
Stacks up to 20
DebugSpawn "butterfly"

Butterfly, flutter by.


Butterflies are passive Mobs commonly found in Grasslands. They spawn from Flowers and Evil Flowers and will slowly flutter around the map, often landing on other Flowers when they come across them. At dusk, they will return to a nearby Flower to despawn. Butterflies do not spawn during Winter.

Butterflies usually drop Butterfly Wings when killed (98% chance), but will occasionally drop Butter instead (2% chance). They are considered innocent creatures and killing one adds 1 point to the player's naughtiness level, which can cause Krampus to appear. Catching Butterflies with a Bug Net will not affect naughtiness.

Spear Hunting Edit

See also: Butterfly Farm

Hunting Butterflies is beneficial as their Butterfly Wings are a good source of Health and can be used to cook Butter Muffins in a Crock Pot, which provides an even greater amount of Health. As inventory items, they can be used to plant Flowers, which can be used to spawn more Butterflies or improve the production of Honey in Bee Boxes.

Butterflies fly away when approached, making them quite difficult to melee. The best time to attack Butterflies is when they stop to land on Flowers; they will rest on the plant for a few seconds, giving the player an opportunity to attack them. This means that hunting in an area with many Flowers will provide many opportunities to hit them. Butterflies also sometimes flutter around in place and can be easily hit. Walking close to a Flowers seems to spawn Butterflies more frequently.

It is possible to hit a moving Butterfly in close quarters by approaching it and pressing force-attack button (Ctrl+F). Watch the Butterfly's shadow to determine its position. The Walking Cane makes this incredibly easy.

Butterflies can be caught in a Bug Net, which has enough range to catch a moving Butterfly. When caught, the Butterfly will turn into an item in the player's inventory, which stacks up to 20. With the Bug Net equipped, pressing the Spacebar automatically chases and catches Butterflies rather than picking nearby Flowers.

Butterflies die in one hit from any weapon. Butterflies take one blast from the Ice Staff to be frozen and cannot be put to sleep.

Reign of Giants icon Reign of Giants Edit

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Butterflies inside the player's inventory will starve in 2 days unless fed. They can be fed with anything edible to the player, including Mandrakes, Deerclops Eyeballs, Rot, etc.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Since Maxwell is known for breaking the fourth wall through his examination quotes, his Butterfly quote ("It's a flying flower.") can either be interpreted as an explanation as to why they are plantable or a reference to their use as a flower-spawner.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • When two Butterflies spawn from the same Flower, attacking one may cause the other to die, but it will not drop anything.
  • When a stack of Butterflies is killed in the inventory, only 1 point of naughtiness will be added instead of the cumulative total.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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