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This is a category page including all the Guides in the Don't Starve game wikia. You can feel free to create or edit any guides. However, when creating a guide, the page name should follow the syntax below:


If the guides contain instructional or subjective content, please add {{Instructional}} on the top of the guide to remind readers.

Book This article may contain instructional language and subjective recommendations.
Readers should identify the content clearly. You can help by rewriting text from an objective point of view and trimming instructions.

Also, editors should insert a template at the end of a guide, which is {{Guide}}.

Game Guides
Basic Getting StartedAll About Night
Camping Base CampFrog Pond CampSelf-sustaining SettlementMarsh Camp
Farming Gold Nugget FarmRenewable FarmingWoodie's CurseFarmingNightmare Fuel Farming
Survival Adventure ModeMob KillingHow To not starveHow to surviveHound Wave SurvivalMushroom GuideSpelunking GuideWinter GuideCrock Pot DishesTeleportato Rush GuidePanic Room GuideJust SpawnedAdvanced WorldWorld vs Caves
Technical Excrement Extraction GuidePhysical Damage AbsorbtionConsole Commands
Characters WendyWolfgangWickerbottom's Books


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