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New Charlie
Health Can't be attacked
Damage -100 Health, -20 Sanity
Attack Period Shortly after entering complete darkness
Special Ability Omnipresence
DebugSpawn None
It'll be dark soon. Charlie will be waking up.


Charlie, otherwise known as the Night Monster, or (unofficially) the Grue, is an invisible hostile damage source. She only attacks when the character is in complete darkness, unable to see. (Characters will state when they are vulnerable, e.g. "It's so dark!"). When being stalked, the character will become alarmed, exclaiming things such as "What was that?", followed by a loud "whoosh" to signal her approach. Moments later, a slashing sound is heard and the character will take 100 damage and 20 Sanity loss. These attacks will continue every few seconds until the character finds or creates a light source in order to see.

Most characters can survive a single attack, even without armor.

Not much is known about Charlie, but what is known is she was the female assistant of Maxwell when he was a magician before the main events of the game's story. Her gender and humanity were first revealed by Kevin (Klei's lead programmer) on the 'Caves' livestream.

In the Don't Starve Together Cyclum puzzle comic and Video, It's revealed that Charlie released Wilson(Who previously released Maxwell) from the Nightmare throne, but, due to issues with her evil counterpart(Grue) knocks him out to the DS World, along with Maxwell.

She then rebuilds the Maxwell's world at her will, merging her good and evil sides.

After Wilson and Maxwell(also in the comic, revealed to help Wilson) finished the Jury-Rigged Portal and bring Wes, Wendy and Wolfgang to their world, Charlie destroys it and replaces with Florid Postern, setting her new reign.

Light Sources

The following light sources will prevent Charlie from attacking:

Placeholder Trivia

  • The nickname Grue is a reference to the iconic monster from the game Zork. In Zork, the Grue only attacks players in pitch darkness after a line of warning, just like in Don't Starve.
  • The first time her name was made known was in the Underground update, in which Maxwell started referring to the Night Monster as Charlie. Her former human version was later shown in some of the solutions of the William Carter Puzzles.
  • The Moggles and Werebeaver's night vision render the player immune to Charlie. This suggests that Charlie is not averse to light itself, but rather the ability to perceive her.
  • According to a letter written by Charlie found in one of the William Carter Puzzles, it is implied that Charlie did not think that the shadows were real until things started going wrong during Maxwell's final performance.
  • Since Charlie used to be Maxwell's assistant while he was toying with questionable magic, it is assumed that she was transformed into the night monster after the events of Maxwell's Final Act.
  • When attacked by Charlie while playing as Maxwell, he will say, "Charlie? It's me! Maxwell!"
  • When killed by Charlie, the cause of death listed in the Morgue is listed as "Darkness"; except for Maxwell, whose cause is listed as "Charlie".
  • In a poster, Charlie is shown holding a book. It is believed that the book is the Codex Umbra. When Maxwell inspects the Codex Umbra, he says, "I'm so sorry Charlie."
  • Contrary to popular belief, Klei does use the word "Grue" in reference to the Night Monster; the file coding the damage behavior is named such, as well as the code within. It is not a name that originated from fans, though Klei has not called her "Grue" elsewhere.
  • Charlie was confirmed related to the recent changes in the Don't Starve Together world, including the roses and the Florid Postern

Mosquito Bugs

  • If a player enters a Worm Hole just before the night sets, Charlie will not attack when the character comes out of the other side. (This bug is stopped when going into light and then back into darkness again.)
  • If the player pauses the game when the sound of Charlie attacking begins and resumes right before the sound ends, Charlie will attack early.
  • If the player dies while surfing on Shipwrecked by Charlie, The Morgue will say "Shenanigans".

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