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Left Analog Walk
Right Analog Inventory Selection
Right Directional Use selected item on self/unequip
Left Directional Use on world/store/repair
Up Directional Inspect item
Down Directional Drop item
Cross Action/Accept
Square Attack
Circle Alt Action/Cancel
R1/L1 Rotate Camera
L2 Open Crafting Tabs
R2  Open Inventory/Pause Game
Options Pause
Press Touch Pad Map
Gameplay Mechanics
Activities CookingCraftingFarmingFishingSleeping
Environment Day-Night CycleMoon CycleNightmare CycleEarthquakeLightningRain
Seasons SummerWinter • (AutumnSpring Reign of Giants icon)
Mechanics BeardBiomeCharactersCharlieControlsDeathDurabilityExperienceFireFood SpoilageFreezingHealthHungerLightMapNaughtinessNon-renewable resourcesSanitySavingStructures (WetnessOverheating Reign of Giants icon)
Mode Adventure ModeSandbox ModeCavesRuinsDon't Starve Together
Others Pig VillageRoad (Trail) • GraveyardOceanAbyssBridgeSet PieceThingsMorgue

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