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Crock Pot
Crock Pot Build
Crafting Cut Stone ×3 Charcoal ×6 Twigs ×6
Tab Icon Food
Tier Science Machine
Perk Cook better food
DebugSpawn "cookpot"
It makes me hungry just to look at it.


The Crock Pot is a Food Tab structure that allows the player to combine four food items to cook a special meal. It takes 3 Cut Stone, 6 Charcoal, and 6 Twigs to build and a Science Machine to prototype.

Icon Tools Usage

A Crock Pot has four item slots that can be filled by placing the item into the Crock Pot itself or any of the slots. When the Crock Pot is open, shift+clicking any cookable item will move it instantly into the pot. Only one item can be placed in each slot, and all slots need to be filled before cooking can commence. Spoiled Food used in Crock Pot will have the spoilage value averaged among the ingredients, then halved.

It takes 40 seconds to cook an average recipe (exact times are listed in each individual recipe). Cooked meals in the vanilla game will not begin to spoil until the player removes them from the Crock Pot - the food will stay as it is in the pot until the player takes it, it's eaten by a Lureplant, or the pot is destroyed, leaving the meal on the ground among the resources. All Crock Pot dishes can be stacked up to 40.


Items that can be used as ingredients are:

Disallowed food includes: Seeds Toasted Seeds Petals Dark Petals Hatching Tallbird Egg Cooked Mandrake Koalefant Trunk Winter Koalefant Trunk Koalefant Trunk Steak Deerclops Eyeball Guardian's Horn Rot Rotten Egg  GarlandBatilisk Wing Cooked Batilisk Wing Leafy Meat Cooked Leafy Meat Foliage Light Bulb Glow Berry Phlegm

Crock Pot meals themselves cannot be cooked further.

Food Categories

Crock Pot recipes differentiate between Fruits Fruit, Vegetables Vegetables, Eggs All eggs, and Meats Meats. Some recipes call for any member of the category, such as Butter Muffin Butter Muffin which requires any Vegetable Vegetables rather than a specific one.

Not all members of the categories are equal; for example, it takes two Morsels Morsel to count as much meat as a normal piece of Meat Meat. See the Mechanics section for the complete lists of what foods are in each category, and their relative values.

Some foods do not fall into any of these three categories (e.g. Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wings). In fact, some may act like a meat or vegetable/fruit when fed to Pigs, but do not count as that category for Crock Pot recipes (e.g. Petals Petals).

Monster Food

If too much Monster Food is used as ingredients (including in the Filler), the recipe will produce Monster Lasagna Monster Lasagna instead. See the Mechanics section for details.

These ingredients count as Monster Food towards making Monster Lasagna: Monster Meat Cooked Monster Meat Monster Jerky Durian Extra Smelly Durian


Some recipes call for less than four specific ingredients, but the Crock Pot always requires four items to cook. In this case, the remaining slots can be filled with "filler" ingredients.

Any item that can be used as an ingredient can be used as filler, though many recipes explicitly prohibit certain foods from being used as filler. For example, Dragonpie Dragonpie requires only one Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit, but cannot have any Meat Meats as filler.

Unless prohibited, the otherwise-inedible Twigs Twigs can be used as a filler. This is commonly considered the "most efficient" filler. Despite being edible, Seeds Seeds and Toasted Seeds Toasted Seeds cannot be used as filler.

Crock Pot Recipes


  • Most recipes accept cooked variants of ingredients. Exceptions: Mandrake SoupTurkey Dinner Melonsicle and Guacamole
  • If there is more than one matching recipe for given ingredients the game will pick one with the highest priority. If there is more than one recipe with highest priority the game will pick at random.
    E.g.: EggEggMonster MeatMonster Meat will sometimes produce Bacon and Eggs, other times Monster Lasagna
  • For a full list of valid recipes, check the Don't Starve Food Guide, Crock Pot Simulator.
Food Name HealthMeter Hunger Sanity Rot Crock Pot Priority Recipe
Requires Filler
Bacon and EggsBacon and Eggs +20 +75 +5204010 All Eggs×2 Meats×1.5

no Vegetables

Butter MuffinButter Muffin +20 +37.5 +515401 Butterfly Wings×1 Vegetables×0.5 no Meats
DragonpieDragonpie +40 +75 +515401 Dragon Fruits×1 no Meats
Fish TacosFish Tacos +20 +37.5 +561010 Fishes×1 Corns×1
FishsticksFishsticks +40 +37.5 +5104010 Fishes×1 Twigs×1

maximum Twigs×1

Fist Full of JamFist Full of Jam +3 +37.5 +515100 Fruit×0.5

no Meats

no Vegetables

no Twigs

Froggle BunwichFroggle Bunwich +20 +37.5 +515401 Frog Leg×1 Vegetables×0.5
Fruit MedleyFruit Medley +20 +25 +56100 Fruit×3

no Meats

no Vegetables

Flower SaladReign of Giants iconFlower Salad +40 +12.5 +561010 Cactus Flower×1 Vegetablesx 2 no Fruit MeatsAll EggsSweetenerTwigs
GuacamoleReign of Giants iconGuacamole +20 +37.50101010 Moleworm×1 Cactus Flesh×1 no Fruit
Honey HamHoney Ham +30 +75 +515402 Honey×1 Meats×2 no Twigs
Honey NuggetsHoney Nuggets +20 +37.5 +515402 Honey×1 Meats×0.5 no Twigs
Ice CreamReign of Giants icon Ice Cream0+25 +5031010 Dairy product×1 Ice×1 Sweetener×1 no MeatsAll EggsVegetablesTwigs
KabobsKabobs +3 +37.5 +515405 Meats×0.5 Twigs×1

maximum Twigs×1

Mandrake SoupMandrake Soup +100 +150 +566010 Mandrake×1
MeatballsMeatballs +3 +62.5 +51015 -1 Meats×0.5 no Twigs
Meaty StewMeaty Stew +12 +150 +510150 Meats×3 no Twigs
MelonsicleReign of Giants iconMelonsicle +3 +12.5 +2031010 Watermelon×1 Ice×1 Twigs×1 no MeatsAll EggsVegetables
Monster LasagnaMonster Lasagna -20 +37.5 -2061010 (Monster Meats or Durians) ×2 no Twigs
PierogiPierogi +40 +37.5 +520205 All Eggs×1 Meats×0.5
no Twigs


Powdercake -3 0 0 18750 10 10

Corns×1 Honey×1 Twigs×1

no Meats

no Fruit

Pumpkin CookiesPumpkin Cookie0 +37.5 +15104010 Pumpkins×1 Sweetener×2
RatatouilleRatatouille +3 +25 +515200 Vegetables×0.5

no Meats

no Twigs

Spicy ChiliReign of Giants iconSpicy Chili+20+37.501010 10 Vegetables×1.5 Meats×1.5 
Stuffed EggplantStuffed Eggplant +3 +37.5 +515401 Eggplants×1 Vegetables×0.5
TaffyTaffy -3 +25 +15154010 Sweetener×3 no Meats
Trail MixReign of Giants iconTrail Mix +30 +12.5 +5151010 Roasted Birchnut×1 Berry×1 Fruit×0.5 noMeatsAll EggsVegetablesDairy product
Turkey DinnerTurkey Dinner +20 +75 +566010 Drumsticks×2 Meats×0.5 (Vegetables or Fruit) ×0.5
UnagiUnagi +20 +18.8 +5101020 Eels×1 Lichen×1
WafflesWaffles +60 +37.5 +561010 Butter×1 All Eggs×1 Berry×1
Wet GoopWet Goop00065 -2 Any invalid recipe
HealthMeter Health Hunger Hunger Sanity Sanity Rot Perish Time (days) Crock Pot Cook Time (sec) Priority Priority


Crock Pot Foods

Before looking into the mechanism, here are some reminders:

  • Some Crock Pot dishes give fewer hunger/health points than the sum of their components. E.g. it's better to just eat 4×Roasted Carrot [+12 HealthMeter +50 Hunger] than to make a Ratatouille [+3 HealthMeter +25 Hunger] with them. However, with very few exceptions all Crock Pot recipes will restore 5 Sanity which may make the inefficiency desirable. Additionally, as the Crock Pot reduces spoilage, it is also almost always more efficient to cook stale or spoiled ingredients than to eat them directly.
  • Placing more than 1 Monster Food (Monster Meat, Cooked Monster Meat, Monster Jerky, Durian, Extra Smelly Durian) will result in Monster Lasagna in most cases, unless Twigs have been added.

The outcome of the Crock Pot is not randomly decided between recipes. It can be cooked with the given ingredients. Each recipe can require certain items to be present, for example Meatballs requires one of the Meats and can never be cooked without any. Similarly, recipes can exclude certain items, for example Dragonpie excludes Meats and can never be cooked if meat is included.

Each recipe has a priority rating, which decides what the result of the current cooking session will be. The recipe with the highest rating will always be chosen. If there are several recipes with the same importance, a random recipe will be chosen. Some recipes have importance of 0 or below, which means they will never be chosen over other recipes. Such as, Wet Goop, which is always a valid result, but never chosen over anything else due to having -2 importance. The only exception is 0 importance recipes Fist Full of Jam, Fruit Medley and Ratatouille, which appear to always get chosen in that order.

Crock Pot requires 4 food items, however some recipe requirements can be fulfilled with less than 4 items. In such recipes, the remaining slots can be filled by any cookable item that doesn't affect the original recipe or produce a different recipe. For example, Meatballs can be made with 1 Morsel. The remaining three slots could be 3 more Morsels or 3 Butter. However, adding Twigs will result in Kabobs, as they are higher importance than the Meatballs.

Here is an example of possible recipes from Fish + Cooked Frog Legs + Corn + Twigs: Fishsticks [Importance=10], Fish Tacos [Importance=10], Kabobs [Importance=5], Froggle Bunwich [1], Wet Goop [-2]. This means the result will be Fishsticks 50% and Fish Tacos 50% of the time, but not Kabobs or any other ones.

Meat values

Meat recipes, instead of a certain number of Meat items, require a certain amount of "meatiness". Different meats have different meatiness values, these being:

  • 1: Meat Cooked Meat JerkyMonster Meat Cooked Monster Meat  Monster Jerky
  • 0.5: Morsel Cooked Morsel Drumstick Fried Drumstick Frog Legs Cooked Frog Legs Small Jerky Fish Cooked Fish Eel Cooked Eel

The total meatiness is the sum of individual item meatiness. So, for example, Cooked Meat makes 1, Meat+Drumstick make 1.5, and Morsel+Morsel+Morsel make 1.5. This means Honey Ham (which requires >2 meatiness) can be cooked with 2×Meat (=2) or 1×Meat and 2×Drumstick (=2.0), but not, for example, with 1×Meat (=1) or 1×Drumstick (=0.5).

Fruit values

  • 1Pomegranate Sliced Pomegranate Durian Extra Smelly Durian Dragon Fruit Prepared Dragon FruitCave BananaCooked Cave Banana Watermelon Grilled Watermelon
  • 0.5Berries Roasted Berries

Berries only count as half a whole Fruit. Thus, for example, recipes requiring Fruits will require at least 2 Berries to fulfill the requirement. Note, that Durian also counts as Monster Food as well as 1 fruit.

Vegetable values

  • 1: Carrot Roasted Carrot Corn Popcorn Pumpkin Hot Pumpkin Eggplant Braised Eggplant Lichen Cactus Flesh Cooked Cactus Flesh Cactus Flower
  • 0.5: Red Cap Cooked Red Cap Green Cap Cooked Green Cap Blue Cap Cooked Blue Cap

Egg values

  • 1: Egg Cooked Egg
  • 4:  Tallbird EggFried Tallbird Egg

Reign of Giants iconDairy Product values

  • 1: Electric Milk Butter

Reign of Giants icon Reign of Giants

In the Reign of Giants DLC, items left un-harvested in the Crock Pot will still spoil, and in rain, they will spoil quicker. There are now new recipes which can lower or raise the player's temperature. Also, some existing recipes also gain the ability to warm or cool the player. The Crock Pot itself also generates heat when cooking, which can overheat the player in Summer.

Placeholder Trivia

  • The slight glow produced by a cooking Crock Pot is enough to keep Charlie away.

Mosquito Bugs

  • In the Reign of Giants DLC, sometimes meals left unharvested on the Crock Pot will turn into Rot quicker than they should.

Gold Nugget Gallery

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