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Deadly Feast

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Deadly Feast
Inventory slot background Meaty Stew
HealthMeter -150
Hunger 10
Rot Does not spoil
DebugSpawn "deadlyfeast"
Stacks up to Does not stack
A most potent dish.


Deadly Feast and Frozen Maxwell

Deadly Feast is placed beside a frozen Maxwell.

The Deadly Feast is an item that used to appear in World 6 of Adventure Mode, spawning near the frozen Maxwell. Eating it consumes all of the players health, causing instant death. It uses the same model as the Meaty Stew.

It can be eaten by normal Pigs by using DebugSpawn, but they will turn into Werepigs after eating four, indicating the Deadly Feast is treated as Monster Food for them. Also, players cannot feed them directly.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • If WX-78 picks up a Deadly Feast at full health and then upgrades, it will be able to survive the effects.
  • Mighty Wolfgang at full health (300) will be able to survive with 150hp left.
  • All characters (including Woodie, Webber and Wifgrid who came in after the update) have different quotes for the deadly feast (excluding Wes who can't talk), even though it can only be accessed through console commands.

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