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Welcome to the Don't Starve Wiki!
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Character Selection

The Character Select Screen.

Characters are playable game entities that can be unlocked when sufficient experience has been accrued, gained at death or when escaping to a new world. There are two exception characters that are not gained by conventional experience, but through game feats. Each character is "voiced" by a different instrument (except Wes, the speechless mime) and speaks differently when examining items and objects (Wes usually pantomimes instead, but will still announce, "I can't do that" under certain circumstances). In addition, each character has at least one unique perk or ability.

Wilson Portrait Willow Portrait Wolfgang Portrait
Wilson Willow Wolfgang
Grows a magnificent beard. Immune to Fire damage; Has a Sweet Lighter; Lights Fires When Nervous. Gets stronger with a full belly, is afraid of the dark and monsters.
Wendy Portrait WX-78 Portrait Wickerbottom Portrait
Wendy WX-78


'Haunted' by her twin sister. Comfortable with darkness. Doesn't hit very hard. Not a picky eater. Charged by lightning, damaged by rain. Can upgrade with Gears.

Very Picky eater. Starts with a free tech level. Self-publishes books, can't sleep.

Woodie Portrait Wes Portrait Waxwell Portrait
Woodie Wes Maxwell
Has a nice axe and a terrible secret. Can't talk, Has trouble staying alive, practices balloonomancy. Is dapper but frail. Can fragment his mind. Brings his own sword.



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