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Eye Bone
Inventory slot background Eye Bone
Perk Spawns Chester
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "chester_eyebone"
No one ever told him it was rude to stare.


Eye Bone on ground

Eye Bone as found naturally in the world

Eye Bone is a naturally spawning item, that is possible to find anywhere on the map simply laying on the ground, typically near a road. Once picked up by a player, it spawns Chester who will keep following the player as long as they have the Eye Bone in their inventory. The Eye Bone can be dropped on the ground or placed inside Chester to make him stop following the player and remain stationary.

At night or in the ruins, Chester will sit down and sleep. If enough distance separates him and the Eye Bone, though, he will begin following again.

If Chester is killed, he will drop all stored items, and the dropped Eye Bone will no longer blink and keep closed. The eyelid will reopen after Chester respawns in one day.

Krampus and Splumonkeys will not steal the Eye Bone and Eyeplants will not eat it. However Krampus will steal it if it is in a Backpack, so caution must be taken.

The Eye Bone cannot be teleported with the player via Wooden Thing. If the player tries to take it with them, it will become Ash upon arrival to the next world.

An Eye Bone spawned via Console will only spawn Chester the first time.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The Eye Bone (and Chester) were added in Spoiled Rotten.
  • It is possible that Eyebone is Chester's actual eye. He might follow what is currently holding the Eyebone because that's the only thing he can see.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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