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Feather Hat
Inventory slot background Feather Hat
Crafting Jet Feather ×3 Crimson Feather ×2 Tentacle Spots ×2
Tab Icon Dress
Tier Alchemy Engine
Durability 8 days
Perk • Restores sanity over time
• Attracts flying birds
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "featherhat"


The Feather Hat is a wearable Dress Item in-game. It requires 2 Crimson Feathers, 3 Crow Feathers, 2 Tentacle Spots to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. A Sewing Kit repairs 62.5% of its durability.

It restores 2 Sanity/min while worn.

When worn, the Feather Hat attracts more flying Birds (Redbirds, Snowbirds and Crows) to land on the ground. By default, only 4 Birds at most will land with a delay of 5–15 seconds in between. With the Feather Hat equipped, up to 7 Birds may land with a 2-10 second delay. Birds will still fly away from a character wearing this headdress if the character approaches them.

TabScience RecipeEdit

Inventory slot backgroundCrimson FeatherInventory slot backgroundCrimson FeatherInventory slot background Jet FeatherInventory slot background Jet FeatherInventory slot background Jet FeatherInventory slot backgroundTentacle SpotsInventory slot backgroundTentacle SpotsInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundFeather Hat

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • It was added in the Enter the Gobbler update.
  • It used to cost 100 Research points to craft, and had a value of 10 Science Points when used on a Science Machine.
  • Unlike most crafted items, one can actually see what each individual ingredient was used for. The two Crimson Feathers are in between the three Crow Feathers, and the Tentacle Spots are used for the headband. While the hat's side view seems to imply that there may be a total of four red feathers, with only two visible from the front and back, this may be unintentional.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

  • Wilson wearing the Feather Hat
  • Willow wearing the Feather Hat
  • Wolfgang wearing the Feather Hat.
  • Wendy wearing the Feather Hat
  • WX-78 wearing the Feather Hat
  • Wickerbottom wearing the Feather Hat
  • Woodie wearing the Feather Hat
  • Wes wearing the feather hat
  • Maxwell wearing the Feather Hat.
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