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Food can be obtained by foraging, trapping, farming or hunting Animals and Monsters. Food refills Hunger and some Health, depending on the quality of the food eaten. Almost all raw food can be Cooked on a Campfire to increase the amount of Health/Hunger they restore. In addition to all of this, a Crock Pot may be used for increase the benefits from eating.

Notably, Meats can be used as bait, for the recruitment of Pigs, as an offering to the Pig King for gold, as a renewable way to gain eggs by giving meats to birds housed in Bird Cages and are a requirement to construct the Meat Effigy. Bunnymen will also become hostile if a meat is in the player's inventory. Some Food, such as Monster Meat or Durian, can damage health instead of restoring it.

For Information on Food values and Priority, see the Crock Pot page.

Categories Edit

There are several Food categories:

Food Types Edit

Food value
Crock Pot
Batilisk WingBatilisk Wing +3 +12.5 -106Not validNo
Cooked Batilisk WingCooked Batilisk Wing +8 +18.75010Not validNo
BerriesBerries +1 +9.375 06Fruit ×0.5Yes
Roasted BerriesRoasted Berries +1 +12.5 03Fruit ×0.5Yes
Roasted BirchnutReign of Giants iconRoasted Birchnut +1 +9.375 06×1.0Yes
ButterButter +40 +25 040Dairy product ×1.0Yes
Butterfly WingsButterfly Wings +8 +9.375 06×1.0Yes
Cactus FleshReign of Giants iconCactus Flesh -3 +12.5 -510 Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Cooked Cactus FleshReign of Giants iconCooked Cactus Flesh +1 +12.5 +1510 Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Cactus FlowerReign of Giants iconCactus Flower +8 +12.5 +510 Vegetables ×1.0Yes
CarrotCarrot +1 +12.5 010Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Roasted CarrotRoasted Carrot +3 +12.5 06Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Cave BananaCave Banana +1 +12.5010 Fruit ×1.0Yes
Cooked Cave BananaCooked Cave Banana +3 +12.506 Fruit ×1.0Yes
CornCorn +3 +25 010Vegetables ×1.0Yes
PopcornPopcorn +3 +12.5 015Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Deerclops EyeballDeerclops Eyeball +60 +75 -15NeverNot validNo
Guardian's HornGuardian's Horn +60 +75 -15NeverNot validNo
Dragon FruitDragon Fruit +3 +9.375 06Fruit ×1.0Yes
Prepared Dragon FruitPrepared Dragon Fruit +20 +12.5 03Fruit ×1.0Yes
DrumstickDrumstick 0 +12.5 -106Meats ×0.5Yes
Fried DrumstickFried Drumstick +1 +12.5 010Meats ×0.5Yes
DurianDurian -3 +25 -510Fruit ×1.0Yes
Extra Smelly DurianExtra Smelly Durian 0 +25 -56Fruit ×1.0Yes
EelEel +3 +10 06Fishes ×0.5 Yes
Cooked EelCooked Eel +8 +13 010Fishes ×0.5 Yes
Electric MilkReign of Giants iconElectric Milk +3 +12.5 +56 Dairy product ×1.0Yes
EggEgg 0 +9.375 010Eggs ×1.0Yes
Cooked EggCooked Egg 0 +12.5 06Eggs ×1.0Yes
EggplantEggplant +8 +25 010Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Braised EggplantBraised Eggplant +20 +25 06Vegetables ×1.0Yes
FishFish +1 +12.5 03Fishes ×0.5Yes
Cooked FishCooked Fish +1 +12.5 06Fishes ×0.5Yes
FoliageFoliage +1006Not validNo
Frog LegsFrog Legs 0 +12.5 -106Meats ×0.5Yes
Cooked Frog LegsCooked Frog Legs +1 +12.5 010Meats ×0.5Yes
GearsGears (WX-78 portrait only) +60 +75 +50NeverNot validNo
Glommer's GoopReign of Giants iconGlommer's Goop +40 +9.375 -50NeverNot validNo
Glow BerryGlow Berry +10 +25 -1510Not validNo
HoneyHoney +3 +9.375 040Sweetener ×1.0Yes
IceReign of Giants iconIce +0.5 +2.303×1.0Yes
Koalefant TrunkKoalefant Trunk +30 +37.5 06Not validNo
Winter Koalefant TrunkWinter Koalefant Trunk +30 +37.5 06Not validNo
Koalefant Trunk SteakKoalefant Trunk Steak +40 +75 015Not validNo
Leafy MeatLeafy Meat 0 +12.5 -106Not validNo
Cooked Leafy MeatCooked Leafy Meat +1 +18.75010Not validNo
LichenLichen +3 +12 -52Vegetables ×0.5 Yes
Light BulbLight Bulb +1006Not validNo
MandrakeMandrake +60 +75 0NeverVegetables ×1.0Yes
Cooked MandrakeCooked Mandrake +100 +150 0NeverNot validNo
MeatMeat +1 +25 -106Meats ×1.0Yes
Cooked MeatCooked Meat +3 +25 010Meats ×1.0Yes
JerkyJerky +20 +25 +1520Meats ×1.0Yes
Monster MeatMonster Meat -20 +18.75 -156Meats ×1.0Yes
Cooked Monster MeatCooked Monster Meat -3 +18.75 -1015Meats ×1.0Yes
Monster JerkyMonster Jerky -3 +18.75 -520Meats ×1.0Yes
MorselMorsel 0 +12.5 -106Meats ×0.5Yes
Cooked MorselCooked Morsel +1 +12.5 010Meats ×0.5Yes
Small JerkySmall Jerky +8 +12.5 +1020Meats ×0.5Yes
Blue CapBlue Cap +20 +12.5 -1510Vegetables ×0.5Yes
Cooked Blue CapCooked Blue Cap -3 0 +10 10Vegetables ×0.5Yes
Green CapGreen Cap 0 +12.5 -5010Vegetables ×0.5Yes
Cooked Green CapCooked Green Cap -1 0 +1510Vegetables ×0.5Yes
Red CapRed Cap -20 +12.5 010Vegetables ×0.5Yes
Cooked Red CapCooked Red Cap +1 0 -1010Vegetables ×0.5Yes
PetalsPetals +1 0 06Not validNo
Dark PetalsDark Petals 0 0 -56Not validNo
PomegranatePomegranate +3 +9.375 06Fruit ×1.0Yes
Sliced PomegranateSliced Pomegranate +20 +12.5 03Fruit ×1.0Yes
PumpkinPumpkin +3 +37.5 010Vegetables ×1.0Yes
Hot PumpkinHot Pumpkin +8 +37.5 06Vegetables ×1.0Yes
RotRot -1 -10 0NeverNot validNo
Rotten EggRotten Egg -1 -10 0NeverNot validNo
SeedsSeeds 0 +4.6875 040Not validNo
Toasted SeedsToasted Seeds +1 +4.6875 010Not validNo
CropsCrop Seeds +0.5 +9.375040Not validNo
Tallbird EggTallbird Egg +3 +25 0NeverEggs ×4.0Yes
Hatching Tallbird EggHatching Tallbird Egg +5 +230NeverNot validNo
Fried Tallbird EggFried Tallbird Egg 0 +37.5 06Eggs ×4.0Yes
WatermelonReign of Giants iconWatermelon +1 +12.5 +7.58 Fruit ×1.0Yes
Grilled WatermelonReign of Giants iconGrilled Watermelon +3 +12.5 +58 Fruit ×1.0 Yes
Bacon and EggsBacon and Eggs +20 +75 +520Not validNo
Butter MuffinButter Muffin +20 +37.5 +515Not validNo
DragonpieDragonpie +40 +75 +515Not validNo
Fish TacosFish Tacos +20 +37.5 +56Not validNo
FishsticksFishsticks +40 +37.5 +510Not validNo
Fist Full of JamFist Full of Jam +3 +37.5 +515Not validNo
Flower SaladReign of Giants iconFlower Salad +40 +12.5 +56Not validNo
Froggle BunwichFroggle Bunwich +20 +37.5 +515Not validNo
Fruit MedleyFruit Medley +20 +25 +56Not validNo
GuacamoleReign of Giants iconGuacamole +20 +37.5 010Not validNo
Honey HamHoney Ham +30 +75 +515Not validNo
Honey NuggetsHoney Nuggets +20 +37.5 +515Not validNo
Ice CreamReign of Giants iconIce Cream 0 +25 +503Not validNo
KabobsKabobs +3 +37.5 +515Not validNo
Mandrake SoupMandrake Soup +100 +150 +56Not validNo
MeatballsMeatballs +3 +62.5 +510Not validNo
Meaty StewMeaty Stew +12 +150 +510Not validNo
MelonsicleReign of Giants iconMelonsicle +3 +12.5 +203Not validNo
Monster LasagnaMonster Lasagna -20 +37.5 -2010Not validNo
PierogiPierogi +40 +37.5 +520Not validNo
PowdercakePowdercake -30018750Not validNo
Pumpkin CookiesPumpkin Cookies0 +37.5 +1510Not validNo
RatatouilleRatatouille +3 +25 +515Not validNo
Spicy ChiliReign of Giants iconSpicy Chili +20 +37.5 09Not validNo
Stuffed EggplantStuffed Eggplant +3 +37.5 +515Not validNo
TaffyTaffy -3 +25 +1515Not validNo
Trail MixReign of Giants iconTrail Mix +30 +12.5 +515Not validNo
Turkey DinnerTurkey Dinner +20 +75 +56Not validNo
UnagiUnagi +20 +18.8 +510Not validNo
WafflesWaffles +60 +37.5 +510Not validNo
Wet GoopWet Goop0006Not validNo
HealthMeter Health Hunger Hunger Sanity Sanity Rot Perish Time (days) Crock Pot Crock Pot ingredient

Perish Times Edit

Most Food has a Perish Time, eventually turning into Rot.

Stage Effect
Green (50-100% Fresh) Restores the full amount of Hunger, HealthMeter and Sanity for a given food
Yellow (21-49% Stale) Restores 2/3 of Hunger, 1/3 of HealthMeter for a given food and doesn't restore any Sanity
Red (0-20% Spoiled) Restores 1/2 of Hunger for a given food, doesn't restore any HealthMeter and decreases Sanity by 10
  • Any kind of cooked meat lasts longer than any raw meat, but any kind of raw vegetable lasts longer than any cooked vegetable. The exceptions are Popcorn, which lasts longer than raw Corn, and Mushrooms, which last the same amount of time whether cooked or raw.
  • Food dropped on the ground will perish at 1.5 rate, while keeping it in the Ice Box will reduce the rate to 0.5. Additionally, during Winter and when world temperature is below 0°, the food base perish rate is multiplied by 0.75 instead of 1. I.e. during winter, when temperature is below 0°, food in the Ice Box will spoil at 0.5 × 0.75 = 0.375 rate.
  • Soggy food spoils 30% faster.
  • The stale and spoiled effects do not apply when eaten by WX-78.
  • The effects of eating stale or spoiled food are worse when playing as Wickerbottom. Stale food will only give 1/3 of the hunger and 1/4 of health. Spoiled food will restore only 1/6 of the hunger. The rest of the values is the same as other characters.
  • Cooking Food on fire or in Crock Pot halves the spoiled amount of the Food.
  • Tallbird Eggs, Mandrakes (raw and cooked), the Deerclops Eyeball, Guardian's Horn and the Glommer's Goop (RoG only) are the only Food items which don't spoil.
  • Food cooked in the Crock Pot and meat dried on the Drying Rack do not begin to spoil until picked up. This was changed in the Reign of Giants DLC.

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