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Inventory slot background Gears
Dropped by Clockwork KnightClockwork BishopRook(x2),
Damaged KnightDamaged bishopDamaged Clockwork
Grave32(Shovel), Ornate Chest, Icon Ancient, Broken Clockworks1 (Hammer),Tumbleweed (1% x3)
Stacks up to 40
DebugSpawn "gears"


Gears are items dropped by Clockwork KnightsClockwork Bishops and Clockwork Rooks, and can also be found by digging up Graves (chance of 3.07%).

Gears can be used to build an Ice Box and a Divining Rod, as well as boost the max stats of WX-78 by simply consuming them. In the Ruins, repairing Broken Clockworks with 3 Gears will spawn a friendly damaged chess monster (Damaged Bishop, Damaged Knight, or Damaged Rook).

Clockwork Knights, Clockwork Bishops, and Clockwork Rooks will not respawn, nor will graves after being dug. Therefore, Gears are ultimately a non-renewable resource. (This may be subject to change with the new Reign of Giants DLC, which introduced Tumbleweed)

TabTools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundTwigsInventory slot background Nightmare Fuel


Inventory slot backgroundGearsInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundDivining Rod
Inventory slot backgroundGold Nugget


Inventory slot background Cut StoneInventory slot backgroundGears


Interface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundAccomploshrineOnly on the PS4 version of Don't Starve
Inventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot background GearsInventory slot backgroundCut StoneInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundIce Box
Inventory slot backgroundGearsInventory slot backgroundGearsInventory slot background Ice


Inventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadInventory slot backgroundElectrical DoodadInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundIce Flingomatic (icon)Reign of Giants icon
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