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Glommer's Statue

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Glommer's Statue
Glommer's Statue
Tool Required Pickaxe Opulent Pickaxe PickSlashAxe
Resources Marble ×2-3, Blueprint
Spawns Glommer Glommer's Flower
Renewable? No
Common Biomes Deciduous Forest
DebugSpawn "statueglommer"
Why statue is not flying?


Glommer's Statue is a rare object that appears in the Reign of Giants DLC. It spawns in the Deciduous Forest Biome. When mined, it drops three Marble and the Old Bell blueprint.

On a full moon, a Glommer's Flower will spawn at the base of Glommer's Statue. Picking up Glommer's Flower will trigger Glommer to become a permanent "follower" (until Glommer dies). After mining the statue, the base will remain, allowing Glommer and Glommer's Flower to respawn at a full moon.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The Pan Flute has a 75% chance to be found near the Statue.

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes the Statue will not spawn. This can result from a bad "world generation".

Gold Nugget Gallery Edit

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