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Inventory slot background Guano
Fuel Value 90/45 sec
Dropped by Batilisk
Stacks up to 20
DebugSpawn "guano"
It burns like normal poop.


Guano is an item dropped periodically by Batilisks and sometimes when they are killed. Since Batilisks fly around unplugged Sinkholes during the night, guano can often be found nearby. It can also be found on Stalagmite Biome lying around the area. It is similar to the Manure produced by surface-dwelling creatures such as Beefalo, except that it is a grayish white color.

It can be used to fertilize farm plots and other plants (such as exhausted Berry Bushes) like manure, and it is 1.5× more effective than normal manure. However, guano cannot be used to create new farms, as their recipes specifically require manure. Guano can also be used as a fuel source, creating an aesthetic gas cloud when burned.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • In real life, guano is also a terrific fertilizer, although the bat variant is the weakest version of guano available.
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