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Thermal Stone
Inventory slot background Thermal Stone
Crafting Rocks ×10 Pickaxe ×1 Flint ×3
Tab Icon Survival
Tier Alchemy Engine
Durability Has no durability
Perk Stores temperatures for travel
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "heatrock"
Heat Stone

The Heat Stone as a light source

Heat without the flame... what fun is that?


The Thermal Stone, formerly known as the Heat Stone, is a survival item for keeping players warm in Winter. It accumulates heat once near a fire, either placed on the ground, in a Chest, or carried in the player's inventory (including Backpacks). It requires 10 Stones, 1 Pickaxe, and 3 Flint to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

While having a charge, it emits warmth and delays the moment a character starts to freeze. It provides a maximum amount of 120 points of insulation. Additionally, as a heat source, its maximum temperature is 60°C, and its five visual states correspond to the following temperature ranges, from coolest to hottest:

Freezing White : < 0°C

Blue : 0°C - 25°C

Grey : 25°C - 40°C

Yellow :40°C - 50°C

Glowing Orange : 50°C - 60°C

A fully charged stone, along with providing a lot of warmth, also creates a small radius of light visible at dusk and night, preventing Charlie from attacking the player. The size of the fire affects the maximum charge the Stone can attain. The Heat Stone will also provide any given Chest the same small radius of light it provides the player when it is stored in said chest.


The color of the Thermal Stone represents its temperature.

Thermal Stone Stage 1Thermal StoneThermal Stone Stage 3Thermal Stone Stage 4Thermal Stone Stage 5

Reign of Giants iconReign of GiantsEdit

The Heat Stone has been renamed to Thermal Stone to best fit its functionality since it now can be used to cool the player in the Reign of Giants DLC. It can be cooled by placing it next to an Endothermic Fire, or by placing it in an Ice Box or Snow Chester which will cool it further. This is useful in the Summer to prevent Overheating. In RoG the Thermal Stone lost its ability to emit light when at it's highest temperature.

In the final release of RoG, "Where there's a Wilson," the Thermal Stone received a new, cleaner asset for when the heat stone is at minimum temperature. Also in this update, the minimum temperature for the Thermal Stone was set to 25 in the summer, solving the previous issue where holding a frozen Thermal Stone would cause freezing damage in the Summer.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • This item was added in the Doorway to Adventure update.
  • Carrying multiple Thermal Stones gives marginal benefit as they would all cool down at the same rate, although all heat stones will transfer their heat to the player as long as the temperature of the each stone is greater than the player's temperature.
  • Having some heat stones always waiting by the fire would allow for quick switching, instead of waiting for a single one to charge. Note that in RoG, Moleworms will steal any Thermal Stones they wander by, so it is recommended to keep an eye on dropped Thermal Stones.
  • The crafting recipe allows even the most worn pickaxe to be used, so it could be a good idea to use a pickaxe with 3% durability (the lowest possible) to craft this item.
  • At its coldest state the Thermal Stone actually freezes the player, so it's advised to remove it from the inventory when in this state.
  • Carrying multiple Thermal Stones around in the highest temperature states will increase the intensity of the light given off, and can act as a sort of very low capacity, rechargeable, portable light source.
  • In RoG, when Summer starts to get too hot, it will begin to heat up without having to be placed near a fire.


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