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Ice Staff
Inventory slot background Icestaff
Crafting Spear ×1 Blue Gem ×1
Tab Icon Magic
Tier Prestihatitator
Sanity drain -1
Durability 20 Uses
Perk Freezes the target
Dropped by Ornate Chest, Icon Ancient (Hammer)
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "icestaff"
That is the opposite of fire.


Wilson icestaff
Wilson holding the Ice Staff
WolfyKittyAdded by WolfyKitty

The Ice Staff is a Magic ranged weapon added in the A Winter's Tale update.

The Ice Staff temporarily freezes an animal or monster after 1-4 blasts. Small mobs such as birds and rabbits take one blast to be frozen, while big ones such as Treeguards take four blasts before they are frozen. Each use costs 5% durability equating to 20 uses.

Each time Ice Staff is used, character's Sanity is decreased by 1.

Creatures that periodically drop things (such as Beefalos producing Manure) will still leave them behind while frozen.

Lureplants, EyeplantsRock Lobsters, Depths Worms, Chester, Baby Beefalos, Ghosts and Shadow Creatures are immune to its freezing effect.

TabScience RecipeEdit

Inventory slot backgroundSpearInventory slot background Blue GemInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundIce Staff

Freezing EffectEdit

Mobs have varying resistance to the Ice Staff's freezing effect and may require several charges in order to be frozen.

1 Charge:

2 Charges:

3 Charges:

4 Charges:

12 charges:

Ice Staff TrapEdit

Ice staf
Ice Staff trap
ObaldiusAdded by Obaldius
Occasionally, an Ice Staff can be found surrounded by Blue Hounds; this is a trap. When the Staff is taken, the Hounds will wake up and attack. They can be killed one by one while asleep, however, and the others will not wake up. The Ice Staff will have a random amount of durability.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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