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World Map

The World Map

The Map is used to help navigate the world. Nearly all resources such as Plants, Boulders and Beehives show up as icons on the Map. Different terrain types (often called Biomes) are clearly outlined, along with water. The Map shows Roads and Trails, as well as world objects such as the Wooden Thing or Maxwell's Door and built/crafted objects such as Backpacks and Farms. The map can be zoomed in for better detail, or out to see the entire world. The map is brought to view by pressing TAB. Pressing TAB again closes the map. On PS4, the map can be opened by clicking the touch pad. On Wii U, the map can be dragged on the gamepad.


When a world is first generated, the Map will be black except for the area immediately surrounding the character. As the world is explored, the map will be filled in. Generally, everything that can be seen on the screen will be added to the map as it comes into view, except for the corners which are slightly out of range. To be sure something is added, try to get at least half a screen away from it.

Map IconMap LegendEdit

Icon Name Location
Evergreen Icon
Evergreen Surface & Cave
Lumpy Evergreen Icon
Lumpy Evergreen Surface
Spiky Tree Icon
Spiky Tree Surface
Deciduous Tree Icon
Deciduous Tree Surface
Red Mushtree Icon
Red Mushtree Cave
Green Mushtree Icon
Green Mushtree Cave
Blue Mushtree Icon
Blue Mushtree Cave
Cave Banana Tree Icon
Cave Banana Tree Ruins
Cave Lichen Icon
Cave Lichen Ruins
Light Flower Icon
Light Flower Cave & Ruins
Grass Icon
Grass Surface & Cave
Sapling Icon
Sapling Surface & Cave
Berry Bush Icon
Berry Bush Icon 2
Berry Bush Cave & Surface
Cactus Icon
Cactus Surface
Reeds Icon
Reeds Surface & Cave
Lureplant Icon
Lureplant Surface
Totaly Normal Tree Icon
Totally Normal Tree Surface
Mineable Objects and other Naturally Spawning Objects
Icon Name Location
Tall Stalagmite Icon
Tall Stalagmite Cave
Large Stalagmite Icon
Stalagmite Cave
Boulder Icon
Boulder or Gold Vein Boulder Surface
Flintless Boulder Icon
Flintless Boulder Surface, Cave & Ruins
Glommer Statue Icon
Glommer's Statue Surface
Marble Pillar Icon
Marble Pillar Surface
Marble Tree Icon
Marble Tree Surface
Harp Statue Icon
Harp Statue Surface
Maxwell Statue Icon
Maxwell Statue Surface
Ancient Statue Icon
Ancient Statue Ruins
Mini Glacier Icon
Mini Glacier Surface
Basalt Icon
Basalt Surface
Plugged Sinkhole Icon
Plugged Sinkhole Surface
Ruins Plugged Sinkhole Icon
Thulecite Plugged Sinkhole Cave
Ruins Pond Icon
Ruins Pond Ruins
Pond Icon
Surface Pond Surface
Swamp Pond Icon
Swamp Pond Surface
Broken Clockworks Icon
Broken Clockwork Ruins
Grave Icon
Grave Surface
Big Tentacle Icon
Big Tentacle Cave
Icon Name Location
Advanced Farm Icon
Improved Farm Placeable on all Maps
Alchemy Engine Icon
Alchemy Engine Placeable on all Maps
Ancient Pseudoscience Station Icon
Ancient Pseudoscience Station Ruins
Bee Box Icon
Bee Box Placeable on all Maps
Bee Hive Icon
Bee Hive Surface
Bird Cage Icon
Bird Cage Placeable on all Maps
Buzzard Landing Ground Icon
Buzzard Landing Ground Surface
Chest Icon
Chest Placeable on all Maps
Crock Pot Icon
Crock Pot Placeable on all Maps
Dangling Deep Dweller Nest Icon
Dangling Depth Dwellers' Sticky Webbing Ruins
Drying Rack Icon
Drying Rack Placeable on all Maps
Endothermic Fire Pit Icon
Endothermic Fire Pit Placeable on all Maps
Farm Icon
Basic Farm Placeable on all Maps
Fire Pit Icon
Fire Pit Placeable on all Maps
Hollow Stump Icon
Hollow Stump Surface
Hound Mound Icon
Hound Mound Surface
Houndius Shootius Icon
Houndius Shootius Placeable on all Maps
Ice Box Icon
Ice Box Placeable on all Maps
Ice Flingomatic Icon
Ice Flingomatic Placeable on all Maps
Killer Bee Hive Icon
Killer Bee Hive Surface
Lightning Rod Icon
Lightning Rod Placeable on all Maps
Maxwell's Door Icon
Maxwell's Door Surface
Maxwell's Light Icon
Maxwell's Light Adventure Mode only
Meat Effigy Icon
Meat Effigy Placeable on all Maps
Night Light Icon
Night Light Placeable on all Maps
Nightmare Light Icon
Nightmare Light Ruins
Mini Obelisk Icon
Obelisk Surface and Adventure Mode
Mini Ornate Chest
Ornate Chest Ruins
Pig House Icon
Pig House Surface & Placeable on all Maps
Prestihatitator Icon
Prestihatitator Placeable on all Maps
Rabbit Hutch Icon
Rabbit Hutch Cave & Placeable on all Maps
Relics Icon
Relic Ruins
Resurection Stone Icon
Touch Stone Surface
Rundown House Icon
Rundown House Surface
Science Machine Icon
Science Machine Placeable on all Maps
Shadow Manipulator Icon
Shadow Manipulator Placeable on all Maps
Siesta Lean-To Icon
Siesta Lean-to Placeable on all Maps
Sign Icon
Sign Placeable on all Maps
Snurtle Mound Icon
Slurtle Mound Cave
Spider Den Icon
Spider Den Surface & Cave
Spilagmite Icon
Spilagmite Cave
Splumonkey Pod Icon
Splumonkey Pod Ruins
Tallbird Nest Icon
Tallbird Nest Surface
Telelocator Focus Icon
Telelocator Focus Placeable on all Maps
Tent Icon
Tent Placeable on all Maps
Thermal Measurer Icon
Thermal Measurer Placeable on all Maps
Walrus Camp Icon
Walrus Camp Surface
Winterometer Icon
Rainometer Placeable on all Maps
Wooden Thing Icon
Wooden Thing Surface
Pengull Nest Icon
Pengull nesting ground Surface
Turfs and Floorings
Icon Name Location
Blue Fungal Turf Icon
Blue Fungal Turf Cave
Red Fungal Turf Icon
Red Fungal Turf Cave
Green Fungal Turf Icon
Green Fungal Turf Cave
Cave Rock Turf Icon
Cave Rock Turf Cave & Ruins
Guano Turf Icon
Guano Turf Cave
Mud Turf Icon
Mud Turf Cave & Ruins
Slimey Turf Icon
Slimey Turf Cave
Deciduous Turf Icon
Deciduous Turf Surface
Forest Turf Icon
Forest Turf Surface & Cave
Grass Turf Icon
Grass Turf Surface & Cave
Marsh Turf Icon
Marsh Turf Surface & Cave
Rocky Turf Icon
Rocky Turf Surface & Cave
Sandy Turf Icon
Sandy Turf Surface
Savanna Turf Icon
Savanna Turf Surface
Turfless Ground Icon
Turfless Ground Surface, Cave, & Ruins
Dark Runic Turf Icon
Dark Runic Turf Ruins
Purple Runic Turf Icon
Purple Runic Turf Ruins
White Runic Turf Icon
White Runic Turf Ruins
Abbys-Ocean Icon
Abyss or Ocean Cave & Ruins 0r Surface respectively
Cobblestones Icon
Cobblestone Surface
Checkered Flooring Icon
Checkerboard Flooring Surface
Wooden Flooring Icon
Wooden Flooring Surface
Carpeted Flooring Icon
Carpeted Flooring Surface
Characters and other Mobs
Icon Name Description
Wilson Icon
Wilson Only visible on the map when playing as Wilson
Willow Icon
Willow Only visible on the map when playing as Willow
Wolfgang Icon
Wolfgang Only visible on the map when playing as Wolfgang
Wendy Icon
Wendy Only visible on the map when playing as Wendy
WX-78 Icon
WX-78 Only visible on the map when playing as WX-78
Wickerbottom Icon
Wickerbottom Only visible on the map when playing as Wickerbottom
Woodie Icon
Woodie Only visible on the map when playing as Woodie
Wes Icon
Wes Only visible on the map when playing as Wes
Maxwell Icon
Maxwell Only visible on the map when playing as Maxwell
Wigfrid Icon
Wigfrid Only visible on the map when playing as Wigfrid
Webber Icon
Webber Only visible on the map when playing as Webber
Chester Icon
Chester Can be found on the Surface
Glommer Icon
Glommer Can be found around Glommer Statues
Items and Character Specific
Icon Name Description
Bee Mine Icon
Bee Mine Only visible when dropped
Bird Trap Icon
Bird Trap Only visible when dropped
Tooth Trap Icon
Tooth Trap Only visible when dropped
Trap Icon
Trap Only visible when dropped
Divining Rod Icon
Divining Rod Only visible when dropped
Backpack Icon
Backpack Only visible when dropped
Piggy Back Icon
Piggyback Only visible when dropped
Krampus Sack Icon
Krampus' Sack Only visible when dropped
Pile o' Balloons Icon
Pile o' Balloons Only visible on the Map when dropped. Only available when playing as Wes
Willow's Lighter Icon
Willow's Lighter Only visible on the Map when dropped. Only available when playing as Willow
Lucy the Axe Icon
Lucy the Axe Only visible on the Map when dropped. Only available when playing as Woodie
Wendy's Flower Icon
Abigail's Flower Only visible on the Map when dropped. Only available when playing as Wendy
Icon Name Location
Road Icon
Road Surface
Trail Icon
Trail Surface
Sinkhole Exit Icon
Cave Exit

Cave & Ruins

Sinkhole Entrance Icon
Cave Entrance

Surface & cave

Only Visible after the Plugged Sinkhole has been removed

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The new map generation method (with rough landmasses rather than circles) was introduced in the Long Live the Queen update, and the old map generation algorithm was deprecated in Progress!.
  • Opening the map pauses the game.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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