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Meat Effigy
Meat Effigy
Crafting Boards ×4 Cooked Meat ×4 Beard Hair ×4
Tab Icon Magic
Tier Prestihatitator
Perk Reduces total health by 30, on Death resurrects the player
DebugSpawn "resurrectionstatue"
What a handsome devil!


Health lowered
Health lowered to 120,90
IsaacgAdded by Isaacg

The Meat Effigy is a Magic effigy of Wilson which resurrects the player on death. It is one of the three ways to be resurrected (the other two are wearing a Life Giving Amulet or activating a Touch Stone before death).

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Every Meat Effigy constructed lowers maximum health by 30 points, which can only be restored if the Meat Effigy is destroyed or used for revival. Building up to 5 Meat Effigies will lower most character's (all except for a mighty Wolfgang and an upgraded WX-78) Health to 0 and kill them, after which they will be revived and restored to 30 health.

As long as there is a Meat Effigy standing somewhere in the world, the character will be resurrected at the nearest Meat Effigy. After death and resurrection, the Meat Effigy used will be destroyed. Alternatively, the Meat Effigy can be destroyed using the Hammer or Deconstruction Staff which will return the lost 30 health.

An Ancient Pseudoscience Station can spawn effigies when hammered. The health penalty of effigies produced this way do not take effect until the character has died and been resurrected.

Resurrection PenaltiesEdit

  • HealthMeter is set to 50
  • Hunger is set to 2/3 of maximum
  • Sanity is set to 1/2 of maximum
  • Empty inventory (items can be found at your death point)

TabScience RecipeEdit

Inventory slot backgroundBoards


Inventory slot background Cooked Meat


Inventory slot backgroundBeard Hair


Interface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundMeat Effigy


  • Building Meat Effigies is Wilson's greatest advantage over the other characters because he is a walking renewable source of Beard Hair, which is the Meat Effigy's rare ingredient.
  • If you're afraid that some Mob might destroy your Meat Effigy, you might want to consider placing them at a barren location where you don't usually visit.
  • It's a good idea to leave some supplies near your effigy to make the retrevial of items easier, or for not freezing to death in winter.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • When constructing a lot of Meat Effigies, (or just one Effigy that leaves a character's hit points to 15) while wearing a Life Giving Amulet, the character is resurrected through the amulet, having 0 hit points, and die again immediately.
  • Meat Effigies can be spawned in by the console with no effect to health, except once the player dies. The health penalty will then be applied, making a very vicious cycle of repeated death and resurrection if the player happened to spawn in lots of them.
  • If your Meat Effigy is destroyed while being brought back to life, the game will crash.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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