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Inventory slot background Meatballs
Crafting Cooked in a Crock Pot
Crock Pot
15 sec
10 Days
Stacks up to 40
DebugSpawn "meatballs"

Balls of meat make me strong!


Meatballs are a Meat Food item cooked in the Crock Pot by combining any Meats with a total Meat value below 3.0. It takes 15 seconds to cook.

Adding 2 or more Monster Foods will result in Monster Lasagna, unless Twigs are also added, which will then result in Wet Goop. Adding Honey will result in Honey Nuggets or Honey Ham, while adding a Mandrake will result in Mandrake Soup. A total Meat value of 3.0 or higher will result in Meaty Stew.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Requires: Meats Crock Pot
  • Excludes: TwigsMandrakeHoney

TabScience Recipe Edit

Inventory slot backgroundMeats


Inventory slot background FillerInventory slot backgroundFillerInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeatballsA Meat value of 3.0 or greater will result in Meaty Stew.

Example Edit

Inventory slot backgroundFrog LegsInventory slot background Frog LegsInventory slot backgroundFrog LegsInventory slot backgroundFrog LegsCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeatballs
Inventory slot backgroundMorselsInventory slot background BerryInventory slot background BerryInventory slot background BerryCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeatballs
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatsInventory slot background IceInventory slot backgroundIceInventory slot backgroundIceCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeatballsReign of Giants icon
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