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Mods (short for modifications) are external changes of Don't Starve game content from what it originally was. Mods are usually developed by the Don't Starve community. They present new player experiences and tweaks to the game, such as making the game easier or harder, or modifying game attributes that change the way certain elements in the DS World function.

There are various kinds of mods including Modding Tools, Game Modifications, Language Packs, Custom Maps and new Characters.

Installing Mods Edit

Players should know that Klei is not able to help you should issues arise while using mods. Use with caution!

Here is a simple procedure for installing mods, however, some mods may have different installation procedures. The following procedure is just a reference for players.

  1. Download the mod
  2. Unzip the mod folder under \steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods (if you are on mac, rightclick dontstarve_steam and click show package contents)

If players have accidentally installed mods incorrectly, then usually the best thing to do is to use the backup players have made. However there is an alternative method if players forget to create backup.

  1. Go to steam folder. This is usually either in C:\Program Files\Steam or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  2. Go to \steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods
  3. If players have modified a folder to install a mod, then delete the folder. In 99% of cases so far, players should only have to delete their scripts folder. Now, some of the players may realize that this is like dropping a bomb to kill a spider, but that's okay. It just guarantees that all traces of mods are removed.
  4. Go into the steam library.
  5. Right click Don't Starve, go to properties.
  6. Go to the tab labelled Local Files.
  7. Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  8. Steam will help recover game files.

Creating Mods Edit

Before creating new mods, players should read Player Creation Guidelines. Players are recommended to be familiar with Lua and TEX file format before creating any mods. Here is a tutorial for creating mods.

List of Popular Mods Edit

The latest versions of Don't Starve are listed chronologically:

  • '  Hungry For your Hunger > Strange New Poweres > 'It's Not A Rock > Underground (Cave) > Live > The End is Nigh > Doorway to Adventure
Name Author Version Mod Page Note
Bigger Container eLe Hungry for Your Hunger [1] All containers are bigger now
Compromising Survival simplex Hungry For your Hunger [2] Upon death allows you to resurrect, reload your save, or die.
Chesterfield the Immortal WarthOf The End is Nigh [3] Chester is immortal, and he cannot be attacked
Craftable Uncraftables! Alpaca's, Starving

Doorway to Adventure


[4] Make uncraftable items craftable
Dawnbreak Heavenfall Hungry For your Hunger [5] Dusk is split up into 2 sections: Dusk, which comes before night, and Dawn, which comes after.
Don't Starve Save Editor Torasko Underground [6] Changes players' save file information
Extra Monster Loot | Extra Resources IIAIIStarzII

The End is Nigh


[7] Get more resources after killing monsters, chopping trees and mining rocks
Immersive Mod Mark_Twain

Doorway to Adventure


[8] New and more realistic experience to Don't Starve
Minimap eLe Hungry for Your Hunger [9] Can change map icons on minimap
Personal Backpack Slot Fontonkonbonmon Hungry For your Hunger [10] Add 1 extra slot in the inventory for Backpack, so you can have armor and the backpack on at once
Potion Mod DaS Live [11] Add various kinds of potion in the game
Summons Heavenfall Hungry For your Hunger [12] Adds the ability to craft friendly monsters, as well as some other allies
Testing Tool Clockwork

Hungry For your Hunger



Provide alternatives of Console

(replaced with Mini Tools )

XP Calculator Torasko Underground [14] Calculate how much experience is gained after certain amount of days

Modding Tools Edit

Name Author Version Mod Page Note
Crock Pot Simulator Treip Underground [15] Simulate result of cooking food in Crock Pot
Klei Studio Handsome Matt Hungry for your hunger [16] Edit TEX and animation files of Don't Starve
Mod Library WrathOf The End is Nigh [17] Provide support for modders and additional functions

Language Pack Edit

Players may download a language pack if their language is not supported by the game. Search through them here.

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