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Monster Meat / Cooked Monster Meat
Raw Cooked
Inventory slot background Monster Meat

Fire Pit

Inventory slot background Cooked Monster Meat
HealthMeter -20 -3
Hunger 18.75 18.75
Sanity -15 -10
Rot 6 Days 15 Days
Stacks up to 20 20
DebugSpawn "monstermeat" "cookedmonstermeat"
Dropped by Beardling(40%) SpiderSpider WarriorCave SpiderSpitterDangling Depth Dweller(50%)
HoundRed HoundBlue HoundBeardlordKrampusTreeguard(×1)
Tentacle(×2) Depths Worm Spider Queen(×4)
Yuck! That was terrible!


Monster Meat is a Food item obtained by killing most Monsters. Most monsters will drop Monster Meat at least 50% of the time, otherwise dropping their special resources (for example Spiders also drop Silk and Spider Gland). Although edible, they are toxic and will reduce Health and Sanity when consumed.

Cooked Monster MeatEdit

Cooked Monster Meat is Monster Meat that has been cooked on a Campfire, Fire Pit or Star. It can also be put in a Crock Pot to be used in multiple recipes. Mobs that ordinarily drop Monster Meat and die from being set on fire, will drop a Cooked Monster Meat instead. The toxic effects can be reduced by cooking Monster Meat on a Campfire/Fire Pit, or by drying it on a Drying Rack for 1 day to make a Monster Jerky. Additionally, one raw, cooked, or dried Monster Meat (or Durian) can be used as a meat/filler in Crock Pot recipes with no toxic effects. It should be noted however that using more than 1 piece of Monster Meat (or Durian) in a Crock Pot will typically result in Monster Lasagna, which is just as toxic as eating raw monster meat, with large sanity drain penalty.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Monster Meat can be used as bait for meat-eating creatures. Giving Monster Meat to a Pig will befriend it. When 4 pieces of Monster Meat are fed to a Pig, it will transform into a Werepig and become hostile. This can sometimes happen accidently when Pig Villages are close to Spider Dens, as Pigs will eat the Monster Meat from Spiders they kill. Cooked Monster Meat or Monster Jerky can be fed to caged birds to produce eggs. A single piece of Monster Meat can be used in a number of Crock Pot recipes without producing side-effects. One of the best ways to use up large quantities of Monster Meat is by cooking Bacon and Eggs or Fishsticks which can use up 2 pieces per dish.


Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Monster Meat
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatDrying RackInventory slot backgroundMonster Jerky
Inventory slot backgroundCooked Monster MeatBirdcageInventory slot backgroundEgg
Inventory slot backgroundFishInventory slot background Monster MeatInventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot backgroundTwigsCrock PotInventory slot backgroundFishsticks
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background EggInventory slot background EggInventory slot background EggCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeatballs
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background Red CapInventory slot backgroundRed CapInventory slot backgroundRed CapCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeatballs
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot backgroundFillerInventory slot backgroundFillerCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMonster LasagnaCan not include Twigs
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background MorselInventory slot backgroundMorselInventory slot backgroundHoneyCrock PotInventory slot backgroundHoney Ham
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background MeatInventory slot backgroundMorselInventory slot backgroundMorselCrock PotInventory slot backgroundMeaty Stew
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background Monster MeatInventory slot backgroundTallbird EggInventory slot backgroundTwigsCrock PotInventory slot backgroundBacon and Eggs
Inventory slot backgroundMonster MeatInventory slot background Monster MeatInventory slot backgroundEelInventory slot backgroundLichenCrock PotInventory slot backgroundUnagi

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Despite popular belief, WX-78 still takes damage when it eats this.
  • Monster Meat is possibly the greatest of the Crock Pot ingredients/fillers, as it has a meat value of 1, can be turned into jerky and can be made into Eggs with a Bird Cage. It's very possible, but impractical, to survive off Monster Meat alone, as it can be made into Meatballs when combined with Eggs at a 1:3 ratio.
    • This is impractical since it would only take a single Morsel to make Bacon and Eggs, which would be more beneficial than Meatballs. The only reason to do this sort of survival style is if you are low on supplies or the area is deprived of mobs which drop Morsels.
  • When playing as Wolfgang, it is possible to gain more health from being mighty than lost from eating cooked monster meat. Though when going back to normal his health will be lower than it was.
  • Webber starts with Monster Meat and suffers no Health penalty when eating it.
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