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Monsters are hostile Mobs that will attack the player on sight (with a few exceptions), with no warning. They tend to drop useful Items, which means that despite their danger, they must eventually be sought out. Many Monsters have variants with different abilities and stronger attacking capability, such as the spider and the higher ranked spider warrior.

Some monsters vary depending on the season the player is currently in. For more information, check SummerAutumnWinter and Spring.

There are also several rare Boss Monsters. Most of these creatures will drain Sanity when they are nearby. Most monsters often drop Monster Meat when killed.

Some mobs are easier to kill and requires minimal planning/preparation. A Spider, for example, is easy to kill when ever you find one, but a Tentacle requires much more preparation.

Monsters do not regenerate health over time, so you can for example strategize to attack Boss Monsters with intervals to stop and regenerate health for your own, muster allies to swarm it, eat or recover sanity, etc.

It is unclear if Mobs eventually despawn. Experiences detail that they do not, so, for example, if you flee from a hound attack and come back, they will still be there unless they wandered off to attack other creatures. The Deerclops, on the other hand, will disappear when Winter ends, without any trail or Items left behind.

Regular Monsters
Killer Bee Mug Spider Spider Warrior
Killer Bee Mosquito Spider Spider Warrior
Frog Merm Guardian Pig Werepig
Frog Merm Guardian Pig Werepig
Swampmonster Hound Red Hound Blue Hound
Tentacle Hound Red Hound Blue Hound
Tallbird MacTusk Wallrus Krampus
Tallbird MacTusk WeeTusk Krampus
Ghost Build Clockwork Knight Clockwork Bishop Rook
Ghost Clockwork Knight Clockwork Bishop Clockwork Rook
Shadow Splumonkey Damaged Knight Damaged bishop Damaged Clockwork
Shadow Splumonkey Damaged Knight Damaged Bishop Damaged Rook
Baby Tentacle Cave Spider Spitter Batilisk
Baby Tentacle Cave Spider Spitter Batilisk
Slurper Dangling Depth Dweller Crawling Horror Terrorbeak
Slurper Dangling Depth Dweller Crawling Horror Terrorbeak
Eyeplant Depths Worm
Eyeplant Depths Worm
Boss Monsters
Treeguard Spider Queen Deerclops ib

Ancient Guardian


Spider Queen

Deerclops Ancient Guardian

Reign of Giants Monsters
Angry birchnut
Warg Birchnutter Birchnut Treeguard
Boss Monsters
Goose Dragonfly
Bearger Moose/Goose DragonFly
Hostile Monsters BatiliskCave SpiderClockwork BishopClockwork RookClockwork KnightDangling Depth DwellerDepths WormFrogGuardian PigGhostShadow CreatureHound (Red Hound / Blue Hound) • Killer BeeLureplantMacTuskMermMosquitoSpiderSpider WarriorSpitterTallbirdTentacle (Big Tentacle, Baby Tentacle) • Wee MacTusk • (Birchnut TreeguardVarg Reign of Giants icon)
Boss Monsters Ancient GuardianDeerclops • • Spider QueenTreeguard (BeargerDragonflyGoose Reign of Giants icon)
Neutral Animals BeeBeefaloBunnyman (Beardlord) • KoalefantKrampusPengullPig (Werepig) • Rock LobsterSnurtleSlurtleSmallish TallbirdSplumonkey (BuzzardCatcoonVolt Goat Reign of Giants icon)
Passive Animals Baby BeefaloButterflyChesterCrowGobblerMandrakeRabbit (Beardling) • RedbirdSmallbirdSnowbird (Moleworm Reign of Giants icon)
Other AbigailCharlieMaxwellPig King
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