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Pig King
Pig King
Resources Gold Nugget (Traded for Meats or Trinkets)
Renewable? Can't be killed
Common Biomes Pig Village
DebugSpawn "pigking"
That's a man with his priorities in order!


The Pig King can be found in one of the Pig Villages that generally spawn on a Grassland patch or in a Forest biome. He is usually lying on Wooden Flooring surrounded by Obelisks and may be guarded by Guardian Pigs if playing in Adventure Mode. He is immune to any damage and cannot be attacked.

During the day, the player can make offerings to the Pig King in exchange for Gold Nuggets. At night, the Pig King goes to sleep and cannot be traded with.

Adventure ModeEdit

Unlike in Sandbox Mode, worlds may have different chances of encountering the Pig King based on the specific world's individual rules. 

Exchange rates Edit

Don't Starve - Pig King02:17

Don't Starve - Pig King

Item Gold Value

EggCooked EggMorselCooked MorselMeatCooked Meat

DrumstickFried DrumstickLeafy MeatCooked Leafy MeatFishCooked Fish

Batilisk WingCooked Batilisk WingKoalefant TrunkWinter Koalefant TrunkKoalefant Trunk Steak

Small JerkyJerkyMonster JerkyPig SkinSlurper Pelt

Gold Nugget×1
Bunny PuffSecond-hand Dentures Gold Nugget×2
Ball and CupGord's KnotMelty MarblesTiny Rocketship Gold Nugget×4
EelCooked EelFrazzled WiresGnomeLying Robot Gold Nugget×5
Fake Kazoo Gold Nugget×6
Mismatched Buttons Gold Nugget×7
Dessicated TentacleHardened Rubber Bung Gold Nugget×8

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Meats that are not accepted by the King can be converted into Eggs by a bird in a Birdcage, and then offered to the King. This makes gold an infinite resource if there is a Pig King spawned in the world, as meat is a renewable resource in the game.
  • The Pig King will throw the gold towards the player's camera. Turning the camera will cause the gold to land in a different place.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Sometimes, the Pig King does not spawn in Sandbox Mode because not enough space for its Set Piece was created during the world generation.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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