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Pig Skin
Inventory slot background Pig Skin
Dropped by PigGuardian Pig(25%)
Pig House Build(HammerDeconstruction Staff) Pig Head (Hammer)
Stacks up to 40
DebugSpawn "pigskin"
It still has the tail on it.


A Pig Skin can be obtained by killing a Pig, Werepig, or Guardian Pig, or by deconstructing a Pig House with a Hammer or Deconstruction Staff or Pig Head with a Hammer. It is used to craft several items, such as the Football Helmet and Umbrella. Spiders and other Pigs will see Pig Skin as food and will eat it if left on the ground. Additionally, it can be fed to Pigs to befriend them.

Reign of Giants icon Reign of GiantsEdit

In the Reign of Giants DLC, the Pig Skin is included in two more recipes: Scalemail and Summer Frest.

Prototype TipsEdit

  • A good way to obtain Pig Skin is to befriend a few Pigs, then take them to Beefalo during mating season.
  • Another method of getting Pig Skin is to force them to transform into Werepigs. This way, the player is certain to get a skin, plus 2 Meat. 4 Monster Meats are required to transform a Pig into a Werepig, though Monster Meat can be obtained relatively easy by killing Spiders.
  • The easiest but most counterproductive way would be to build a Hammer and destroy a Pig House, as this will drop not only Pig Skins, but Boards and Cut Stone as well. Keep in mind that Pigs can no longer spawn should one destroy their houses, and each house destroyed is one fewer Pig spawning in that area.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundPig SkinPig King IconInventory slot backgroundGold Nugget
Inventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot background RopeAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundFootball Helmet
Inventory slot backgroundTwigs


Inventory slot background Pig SkinInventory slot backgroundSilkInventory slot backgroundSilkScience MachineInventory slot backgroundUmbrella
Inventory slot backgroundPig Skin


Inventory slot background Silk


Inventory slot backgroundRopeInventory slot backgroundRopeAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundPiggyback
Inventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot background TwigsInventory slot background TwigsInventory slot backgroundMeatInventory slot backgroundMeatAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundHam Bat
Inventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot background Nightmare Fuel


Inventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinPrestihatitatorInventory slot backgroundOne-man Band
Inventory slot backgroundBoards


Inventory slot background Cut StoneInventory slot background Cut StoneInventory slot background Cut StoneInventory slot backgroundPig Skin


Alchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundPig House
Inventory slot backgroundScalesInventory slot background Log SuitInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundScalemailReign of Giants icon
Inventory slot backgroundRopeInventory slot background Crimson FeatherInventory slot background Crimson FeatherInventory slot background Crimson FeatherInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundSummer FrestReign of Giants icon

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • In the game files, Pig Skin is listed as a food, but it is also listed as "HORRIBLE", which is why it is inedible for players.
  • Pig Skin was edible in older Don't Starve versions, giving negligible Hunger.
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