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Red Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Tool Required Shovel
Resources Red Cap
Renewable? No
Common Biomes Forest
Mushtree Forest
DebugSpawn "red_mushroom"
Red Cap / Cooked Red Cap
Raw Cooked
Inventory slot background Red Cap

Fire Pit

Inventory slot background Cooked Red Cap
HealthMeter -20 1
Hunger 12.5 0
Sanity 0 -10
Rot 10 Days 10 Days
Stacks up to 40 40
DebugSpawn "red_cap" "red_cap_cooked"
Dropped by MushtreeRed

Green Mushroom
Green Mushroom
Tool Required Shovel
Resources Green Cap
Renewable? No
Common Biomes Marsh
Mushtree Forest
DebugSpawn "green_mushroom"
Green Cap / Cooked Green Cap
Raw Cooked
Inventory slot background Green Cap

Fire Pit

Inventory slot background Cooked Green Cap
HealthMeter 0 -1
Hunger 12.5 0
Sanity -50 15
Rot 10 Days 10 Days
Stacks up to 40 40
DebugSpawn "green_cap" "green_cap_cooked"
Dropped by MushtreeGreen

Blue Mushroom
Blue Mushroom
Tool Required Shovel
Resources Blue Cap
Renewable? No
Common Biomes Forest
Mushtree Forest
DebugSpawn "blue_mushroom"
Blue Cap / Cooked Blue Cap
Raw Cooked
Inventory slot background Blue Cap

Fire Pit

Inventory slot background Cooked Blue Cap
HealthMeter 20 -3
Hunger 12.5 0
Sanity -15 10
Rot 10 Days 10 Days
Stacks up to 40 40
DebugSpawn "blue_cap" "blue_cap_cooked"
Dropped by Mushtree

I forget what this one does.


Mushrooms are naturally spawning fungi found in the world. There are three types of mushrooms that can be eaten raw or cooked and be used in a Crock Pot. They can also be used as fuel, or turned into rot.

Each of the three mushrooms can be hand picked at different times of the day (Red Mushroom during the Day, Green Mushroom during the Dusk, and Blue Mushroom during the Night), which then re-grow after 10–20 hours of rain. They can also be dug up with a shovel, at any time of day - this will yield two mushrooms, but mushroom spawn will be destroyed. Mushrooms don't regrow during winter.

Every mushroom has positive and negative effects. All of the mushrooms refill 12.5 hunger and drain varying amounts of sanity and health, unless cooked.

Red MushroomEdit

Red Caps are a vegetable food item that restores hunger, but significantly damages your health. They can be used in the Crock Pot as a filler. Like vegetables and fruits, they can be fed to Pigs to produce Manure. They are good fillers to use in Crock Pot recipes that require vegetables, as they can be safely eaten this way.

Red Mushrooms can cause Health damage to Gobblers; placing at least 3 Red Mushrooms on the ground near a Gobbler and letting it eat them will result in its death. This works on Bunnymen too, however they will typically retreat before the player can give enough mushrooms to kill them.

Cooked Red Cap is the product of cooking a Red Mushroom over a CampfireFire Pit or Star. Cooking a Red Mushroom has the advantage of giving the player a very small health boost, but with no hunger restored and a slight sanity loss. 

Green MushroomEdit

Green Caps are a vegetable food item that replenishes Hunger by 12.5 and reduce sanity by 50 when eaten raw. They emerge at dusk. Like vegetables and fruits, they can be fed to Pigs to produce Manure, and function as vegetable filler in the Crock Pot.

Due to the huge sanity loss, raw Green Mushrooms can quickly drive the player insane in order to hunt Shadow Creatures or Beardlings.

Cooked Green Cap is the product of cooking a Green Cap. Unlike their raw counterparts, Cooked Green Caps increase Sanity by 15. This is one of the easiest ways to quickly regain Sanity. They can also be safely used as vegetables in the Crock Pot.

Blue MushroomEdit

Blue Caps are vegetable food items that restore 20 Health, 12 hunger and reduce Sanity by 15 when eaten. They can be found growing naturally or when chopping down Mushtrees. They can also be used as vegetables in the Crock Pot and be fed to Pigs to produce Manure. Of the three types of mushrooms, Blue Caps have the most positive effects (while raw).

Cooked Blue Cap is the product of cooking a Blue Cap. Cooking trades off the healing effect of a Blue Cap (by harming you), but in return provides a small Sanity boost. When available in large amounts (such as underground or found in a ring) raw and Cooked Blue Caps can be eaten together to increase Health, Hunger, and Sanity. Eating one raw Blue Cap and two cooked Blue Caps provide a net result of +14 Health, +12.5 Hunger, and +5 Sanity.


All mushrooms can only be picked during a particular time of day. Once picked, they will regrow in the same spot shortly after it rains. They don't regrow during winter. To maximize the number of mushrooms that can be picked in a given time, set the rain level to the highest setting, so that mushrooms will regrow frequently. Mushrooms can be dug up with a shovel, which will yield two mushrooms, but this will permanently destroy the mushroom-growing spot.

Red MushroomsEdit

Red Mushrooms are typically found in Grasslands or Forests and can only be picked during the Day. Chopping down a Red Mushtree will also yield a Red Cap in addition to the wood.

Green MushroomsEdit

Green Mushrooms are typically found in Forests and Marshes, and can only be picked at Dusk. Chopping down a Green Mushtree will also yield a Green Cap in addition to the wood.

Blue MushroomEdit

Blue Mushrooms are typically found in Grasslands and Marshes and can only be picked at Night. Chopping down a Blue Mushtree will also yield a Blue Cap in addition to the wood.

Reign of Giants iconReign of GiantsEdit

During full moons in the Reign of Giants DLC, Mushrooms (both in Caves and on the Surface) will turn into Mushtrees.  When a Mushroom-turned-Mushtree had been chopped, its stumps will remain and will turn into a harvested Mushroom spawn point.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundRed CapFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Red Cap
Inventory slot backgroundGreen CapFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Green Cap
Inventory slot backgroundBlue CapFire PitInventory slot backgroundCooked Blue Cap
Inventory slot backgroundMushroomsPig IconInventory slot backgroundManure

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • If a mushroom is picked as it sinks into the ground, the player will receive a mushroom but the hole the mushroom left would look like the mushroom is still there and sleeping. The player will still view the mushroom as if it were picked already.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Sometimes, rings of mushrooms can be found in the world. These resemble Fairy Rings that can be found in reality.
  • Mushrooms were added in A Little Rain Must Fall update.
  • Although they are considered vegetables in Don't Starvemushrooms are body parts of fungi, and are not plants at all.
  • Blue Mushrooms are good for regenerating health when raw, or retaining sanity when cooked. Green Mushrooms are good for going insane when raw, or regaining sanity at minimum cost when cooked. Red Mushrooms are good for giving to Pigmen and using as Crock Pot filler.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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