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Sanity HUD icon

I get crazy when I don't sleep.


Being alone in the wilderness will take its toll on the character's mental state after a few days. The effect it has can be seen through Sanity, represented by a Sanity counter alongsideHealthMeter and Hunger. As sanity decreases, strange things start to happen: the player's vision becomes shaky, over-saturated, and bright, whispers are heard, and Shadow Creatures start to appear. When the character becomes completely insane, these creatures become aggressive and start to attack.

Characters can gain and lose sanity in various ways. A small animated arrow appears in front of the Sanity, showing when sanity is increasing or decreasing. A bigger arrow means that sanity is increasing / decreasing faster. Being in close proximity to Monsters, Darkness, Rain, or eating bad Food decreases sanity; while wearing dapper clothes, eating jerky and Crock Pot food, being near friendly Pigs, and sleeping increases sanity. See the Sanity Table below for a complete list.

Due to the fact that several magical items decrease sanity when used, it could be thought of as a sort of mana that is depleted by magic use. However, having little sanity brings about its own benefits (for example getting Nightmare Fuel for powerful weapons and armor.)

Instant Sanity Table

Action Sanity
• Sleeping in a TentSiesta Lean-to

• Eating Gears as WX-78
• Eating Ice Cream

• Sleeping in a Straw Roll Fur Roll
• Killing a Terrorbeak


• Repairing a Relic Chair
• Eating Melonsicle

• Killing a Crawling Horror
• Eating Taffy Pumpkin Cookies Jerky Cooked Green Cap Cooked Cactus Flesh
• Prototyping a new item on Science MachineAlchemy EnginePrestihatitatorShadow Manipulator or from Blueprint


• Eating  Small Jerky Cooked Blue Cap Electric Milk

• Shaving Wilson's Beard

• Eating a Grilled Watermelon +7.5
• Eating most Crock Pot Dishes except for Wet Goop Powdercake Guacamole Spicy Chili
•Eating Watermelon Cactus Flower

• Picking Flower

•Using a Ice Staff Fire Staff -1

• Eating Dark Petals Durian Extra Smelly Durian Monster JerkyLichenCactus Flesh

• Picking Evil Flowers

• Using a Pile o' Balloons while playing as Wes.

• Eating Meat Morsel Drumstick Frog Legs Cooked Monster Meat Cooked Red CapBatilisk WingLeafy MeatGlow Berryand Spoiled Food

• Digging up a Grave32

•Eating Monster Meat Blue CapDeerclops Eyeball Guardian's Horn
• Going through a Worm Hole

Using The Lazy Explorer


• Eating Monster Lasagna
Night Monster attack

 Using a Star Caller's Staff Green Staff


• Reading Applied Horticulture Sleepytime Stories The End is Nigh

 Getting hit by lightning as WX-78 portrait


• Eating Green Cap Glommer's Goop
• Reading Birds of the World On Tentacles
• Using Telelocator Staff

Spawning Abigail build


• Using a Codex Umbra

-55 Max Sanity
Resurrection via Life Giving Amulet Meat EffigyTouch Stone Set to 1/2
of maximum

Temporal Sanity Table

Name Sanity (/min) Notes
• Sanity aura of aStar Stafflight ≤+25 The Star that can be summoned with a Star Caller's Staff gives a boost if stood near, but costs 20 sanity to summon.

• Sanity aura of a friendly PigBunnyman

≤+25 Must be very close to gain maximum effect. Best way is chopping the same tree or standing near a sleeping pig.
• Playing as Waxwell portrait +20 Constant due to his dapperness, a Nightmare AmuletCodex Umbra, or raw Green Caps are recommended to induce insanity for Maxwell.
• Being near the fire while playing as Willow portrait +≤10 Amount depends on strength of fire, very weak with lighter, this perk can negate nighttime sanity loss completely.
• Wearing Tam o' Shanter +6.7 This is the most dapper clothing for sanity regain as it lasts for 25 days and restores a large portion of sanity per minute.
• Sanity aura of Glommer +6.25 Amount of sanity given by Glommer is very low unless standing very close. Maximum amount per minute is enough to cancel out drain caused by Dusk, Night and Caves.

• Wearing Hibernation vest

+4.5 The sanity boost almost completely cancels out the drain from darkness, leaving only -0.5 sanity loss when wearing the vest at dusk or night.

• WearingTop Hat Cat Cap Floral Shirt Dapper VestThulecite Suit

+3.3 These clothings can replace umbrellas to prevent sanity loss from rain (not for WX-78 as he loses health in the rain).
• Wearing Feather Hat Summer Frest Breezy Vest Puffy Vest Life Giving Amulet Chilled Amulet MagiluminescenceConstruction AmuletThe Lazy ForagerBelt of Hunger Pretty Parasol +2 The 5 amulets will restore sanity until they are used, making it a slow but effective way of sanity regain.
• Wearing GarlandWinter Hat +1.3 Garlands are the cheapest way of restoring sanity, but the worst.

• Wearing Spiderhat One-man Band Fashion Melon

Insanity aura of Houndius Shootius Build

-2 For One-Man Band this is the insanity aura if there are no followers.
• Insanity aura of Night Light -3 It will only drain sanity if it is fueled, but it will always drain 3 sanity, no matter the fuel level.

* Rain (Without Reign of Giants) •

≤-3.3 Sanity drain from rain depends on the precipitation rate. In Reign of Giants, sanity drain is determined by Wetness instead.
• Wearing Nightmare Amulet -3.3
* Dusk, Night and Caves -5 This is the insanity rate in pure ambient light. Even If you make a fire, it remains -5/m.

* Wetness

≤? Maximum wetness can cause sanity to drop rather quickly.
• Wearing soaked items. ≤? It is recommended to remove non-water-resistant wearable items to avoid unneeded sanity losses.
• Wearing Night Armour -10 Maxwell's sanity boost is dropped down to +10/min.
• Wielding Dark Sword -20 Maxwell's sanity bonus cancels this insanity aura completely.
• Insanity aura of Spider Evil FlowersSlurperDepths Worm ≤-25 Being near Evil Flowers is a very good way of going insane as they will not hurt you.
• Wearing One-man Band and having Pig or Bunnyman


-2 + ≤-25×followers -2 for wearing and -25 for each follower.
• Insanity aura of Hound Red Hound Blue Hound Spider Warrior Beard MonsterBeardlordTentacle Baby Tentacle Ghost Build Nighthand ≤-40 None of these creatures are a good way to go insane.
• Insanity aura of Nightmare Light ≤-40 Losing sanity around these structures is safe only when the Nightmare Cycle is in "warning" state.
• Total darkness -50 As long as you stay just out of the light from your light source, you will lose a lot of sanity without the threat of Charlie.
• Insanity aura of Treeguard Crawling Horror Terrorbeak Werepig ≤-100 Fighting these bosses and monsters can make Shadow Creatures appear/go more insane .
• Insanity aura of Deerclops Spider Queen Bearger Dragonfly ≤-400 Fighting these bosses can cause Shadow Creatures to attack you as well very quickly.

Character Specifics

Wilson fear

Wilson looking around from paranoia.

Wilson, Wendy, WolfgangWoodie, and Maxwell all have a maximum of 200 sanity. Willow has 120 sanity, Wickerbottom has 250 sanity, and Wes has 150 sanity. WX-78 has variable amounts of maximum sanity, depending on how much it is upgraded (starting at 100 and can be upgraded to a maximum of 300). From the Reign of Giants DLC, Wigfrid has 120 sanity, and Webber has 100 sanity.

Monsters drain more sanity when playing as Wolfgang (+10%) and less as Wendy. Maxwell's sanity is restored at a rate of 20 points per minute by default.

Wendy (because she loses less sanity in darkness and when near monsters), Willow (because she can negate nighttime sanity loss when near fire) and Wolfgang (because when mighty, fights last only for half the time) are characters which have the potential to stay sane longer when compared to other characters if used correctly.

Insanity Effects

  • Complete Insanity

    Complete insanity reached on Day 1.

    Lighting starts to become desaturated in overworld and caves. In ruins, lighting brightens instead (Sanity ≤ 60%). Near total insanity, lighting even dims (Sanity ≤ 10%).
  • Mr. Skits starts to appear (Sanity ≤ 80%).
  • Shadow Watchers and Night Hands start to appear at night (Sanity ≤ 65%).
  • Eyes will appear in darkness (Sanity ≤ 60%).
  • The screen starts to shake (possibly indicating nausea) (Sanity ≤ 60%).
  • Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks will become visible (Sanity ≤ 50%).
  • The insanity ambience becomes audible (Sanity ≤ 50%). It's so quiet that it can only be heard with headphones or by turning the volume up. It gets louder as sanity continues to drop.
  • Whispering sounds begin to play (Sanity ≤ 45%).
  • Rabbits will turn into Beardlings, and Bunnymen turn into Beardlords (Sanity ≤ 40%).
  • The screen is surrounded by red tendrils (Sanity ≤ 15%).
  • Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks will start to attack (Sanity ≤ 15%). While idle, the player character holds their head with their hands and rocks back and forth.
  • A more disturbing, warped version of the "day to night" transition jingle plays (Sanity ≤ 15%).

In the Options, the player can turn off distortion, resulting in the blurry effect on the edges of the screen not occurring, which helps boost performance on slow systems.

Placeholder Trivia

  • Sanity was first introduced in the Insanity! update.
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