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Spider Eggs
Inventory slot background Spider Eggs
Crafting Silk ×12 Spider Gland ×6 Papyrus ×6 (Webber portrait only)
Tab Icon Structures
Tier always available
Perk Can grow a Spider Den
Fuel Value 360/180 sec
Dropped by Spider Queen, Spider Den(tier 3)
Stacks up to 10
DebugSpawn "spidereggsack"
A tiny package full of
death and destruction.


Spider Eggs on ground
DirtytabsAdded by Dirtytabs

Spider Eggs are acquired by destroying a tier 3 Spider Den, or killing a Spider Queen. They can be planted on the ground to create a tier 1 Spider Den, which then grows like normal. The Spider Eggs can be used to relocate Spider Dens to any specific place; often an area where they can safely contain the Spiders for Silk farming. Eggs can also be used as fuel in Campfires, which makes great fuel. Webber can craft Spider Eggs using 12 silk, 6 spider glands, and 6 papyrus.

It is possible to get multiple Spider Eggs from a single Spider Den, allowing players to actively increase the number of nests in a single map. This can be done by waiting for a den to turn into a Spider Queen, which will leave behind a level 1 den. Then kill the queen to get her Spider Eggs.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • When removing/inserting Spider Eggs into one's inventory, it makes a squelching noise.

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