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Touch Stone
Touch Stone
Resources Rocksx2, Marblex2, Nightmare Fuel (after use)
Renewable? No
DebugSpawn "resurrectionstone"

I guess I should touch it?


Touch Stone is a structure found in Sandbox Mode. Activating it will allow the player to be resurrected upon death.

When a Touch Stone is activated (by clicking on it), a small platform will rise out of the ground. After being revived on the platform, the Touch Stone will be destroyed, dropping 2 Rocks, 2 Marble, and 1 Nightmare Fuel.

By default, there are two (2) Touch Stones per world. Both Touch Stones can be activated at the same time. The player will always respawn at the closest resurrection device.

Don't Starve Together Edit

In Don't Starve Together, the player must "haunt" the Touch Stone as a ghost, for it to rise out of the ground.

Resurrection Penalties Edit

  • HealthMeter is set to 50
  • Hunger is set to 2/3 of maximum
  • Sanity is set to 1/2 of maximum
  • Empty inventory (items can be recovered at the place of death)

Tentacle Spike Tips Edit

  • Contrary to popular belief, being revived by the Touch Stone does not put any nearby Mobs to sleep.
  • Placing a Fire Pit and a chest (or two) near the Touch Stone can increase chances of survival after being resurrected. Because of the resurrection penalties, this is especially useful in Winter.
    • Useful items to stock the chest(s) include a Thermal Stone, Weapon, Armor, Tallbird Egg (food source that doesn't spoil), Healing Salves, and/or extra resources to create enough light to make it back to a base/camp.
  • Do not leave flammable items in the wooden square around the Touch Stone. The Lightning that strikes can ignite nearby items.
  • Breaking down the Pig Heads near a Touch Stone is an easy way to get Pig Skin.
  • Placing a Meat Effigy next to a Touch Stone might save the Touch Stone to be used at a later time.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Touch Stones are one of four methods of resurrection; the others being the Meat EffigyLife Giving Amulet, and the Telltale Heart (DST).
  • A Touch Stone is always surrounded by 4 Pig Heads. The Pig Heads are not needed for the Touch Stone to function and can safely be deconstructed using a Hammer. The Wooden Flooring can also be taken without affecting the Touch Stone's usability.
  • A Touch Stone cannot be Hammered or destroyed by mobs (e.g. Clockwork Rooks or Deerclops).
  • The amount of Touch Stones per world can be modified in the world generation Settings.

Gold Nugget Gallery Edit

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