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Touch Stone
Touch Stone
Resources Rocksx2, Marblex2, Nightmare Fuel (after use)
Renewable? No
DebugSpawn "resurrectionstone"
I guess I should touch it?


Touch Stone is a structure that can be found in the world. It cannot be hammered or destroyed by Clockwork Rooks or Deerclops; instead, it is activated by clicking on it. When activated, the character will be returned to the Touch Stone upon death, and the Touch Stone itself will be destroyed, dropping its constituent items. It is surrounded by 4 Pig Heads, which are not needed for a Touch Stone to function and can be deconstructed. Also, the player can dig up the wooden turf underneath it, obtaining Wooden Flooring, without affecting the Touch Stone's usability.

A Touch Stone is one of three methods for resurrection; the others being the Meat Effigy and the Life Giving Amulet. The player will always respawn at the closest Meat Effigy or Touch Stone.

There are only 2 Touch Stones per world on default settings, though the amount can be increased before beginning the game. Touch Stones cannot spawn in Caves and Ruins.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Touch Stones are activated simply by clicking on them. When this happens they will rise out of the ground and fill in, creating a small platform upon which the character will be resurrected. Once it brings a character back to life the Touch Stone will be destroyed, leaving behind 2 Rocks, 2 Marble, and 1 Nightmare Fuel. If more than one Touch Stone has been activated, the nearest one will be used.

Resurrection PenaltiesEdit

  • HealthMeter is set to 50
  • Hunger is set to 2/3 of maximum
  • Sanity is set to 1/2 of maximum
  • Empty inventory (items can be found at your death point)


  • In Winter, leaving necessary equipment to survive freezing immediately after resurrection by Touch Stones is a wise idea to prevent unneeded deaths.
  • Don't leave flammable items in the wooden square around the touch stone because they will burn once you are resurrected there.
  • It is a good idea to build a base around a Touch Stone, as you will (if you have a good base) be sure to survive directly after death.
  • It is a good idea to break the Pig Heads around the Touch Stone as they will give you Pig Skin.
  • Placing a Meat Effigy next to a Touch Stone might let you leave the Touch Stone for a later death.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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