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Blueprint This page describes an upcoming or planned feature and may contain major spoilers.
The name and content may not be accurate and may contain speculation.

The following Characters are unimplemented characters, who have a reference in the game's artwork and/or source code. Although, based on imagery, it may be possible to guess what abilities they may contain, nothing about any of these characters' abilities are known if it is not mentioned.

Wilton portrait Wortox portrait Winnie portrait
Wilton Wortox Winnie
Pyroimage Wallace portrait Waverly portrait
Pyro Wallace Waverly


Wilton silho

Wilton silhouette

Wilton is a character that has an in-game character model, a portrait, sound files, and in-game speech.

Additional Wilton Information

  • Wilton takes the design of a human skeleton Boon.
  • You can spawn Wilton in Debug Mode with the command DebugSpawn("wilton").
  • Wilton's portrait previously appeared if you were at the XP Cap.
  • Wilton has a skull.
  • Wilton isn't sounded by an instrument.
  • Wilton has a silhouette.

Wilton ingame


Wortox silho

Wortox silhouette

Wortox is a character that has an in-game character model and a portrait.

Additional Wortox Information

  • Wortox has changed slightly between updates. Originally, his portrait at the top of the page matched the face of his image further down. Though now, it's taken the form of something that seems more like a demon dog.
  • Wortox's previously appeared if you were at the XP Cap.
  • Wortox has a skull.
  • Wortox has a silhouette.

Wortox ingame


Winnie silho

Winnie silhouette

Winnie is a character that has an in-game character model, a portrait, and sound files.

Additional Winnie Information

  • Winnie has a skull.
  • Winnie has a silhouette.
  • In the Reign of Giants DLC update "A Feet of Strength", a new character with similar facial features was implemented.

Winnie ingame


Wallace is a character that has a portrait and sound files.

Additional Wallace Information

  • Kevin, the lead dev, has implied that Wallace is Scottish.
  • Wallace has a skull.
  • Game files show that Wallace is voiced by a violin.         
  • Wallace has no current silhouette         


Waverly is a character that has a portrait.

Additional Waverly Information

  • Waverly has a skull.
  • Waverly has no current silhouette.



The Pyro is a class found within the game Team Fortress 2. Files within the game hold pictures of Pyro and Pyro-based items.

Additional Pyro Information

  • Pyro has a portrait.
  • Pyro has a silhouette.
  • Pyro has a muffled instrument for vocals.
  • Pyro has a Map icon.
  • There were special Pyro-Related items found within the game's files, such as a Balloonicorn Chester, an Axtinguisher, a Lollichop, a broken or bitten-into version of the Lollichop, and a Flare Gun.
  • Different color_cube files were found in the game under the name,, and, suggesting some form of "Pyrovision" when this character is played.


Placeholder Trivia

  • "Woodrow" has sound files that are identical to WX-78's files. It is increasingly likely this character is what evolved into Woodie or Woodlegs, or was never a character at all.
  • It is said on the Polish wiki, there were signatures of ten Unimplemented Characters, and that the nine here (Including Woodrow) were among them. It is speculated the tenth was none other than Charlie.
  • In the preview stream for "A Little Rain Must Fall", Klei said that all of these characters' sounds were completed, although only some of them are in the files.
  • Lead Developer Kevin has stated that he doesn't know when the next character will be released, but it may be a character we've never seen before. This was mostly fulfilled with the addition of Wigfrid.
  • On the subject of character unlocking, Kevin said: "I'm not against having a secret character unlock down in the depths of the cave, but it would probably end up being a more esoteric one, like Wortox or something else non-human".
  • WX-78, Wickerbottom, WesMaxwell (For a short time), Woodie, Webber and Wilbur were on this page before they were added.
  • Many characters listed here have been modded into the game by the community, including Wilton, Winnie, Waverly, and Pyro.
  • Winnie was originally intended to be a vegetarian character.[citation needed] This was taken in a different direction with Wigfrid who can only consume meats.
  • Winnie may be a reference or a cameo to/of Winifred (Winnie) Foster from the book "Tuck Everlasting" by Natalie Babbit, because of her similar dress, shared name, and blonde hair.
  • Winnie has a yawning sound file in Don't Starve Together.
  • In older versions of the game, Wortox design looks similar to Krampus. It's likely he was changed to look like a much more demon-like creature due to avoid confusion between the two characters.
  • In the sound files, Pyro is called "wyro", but in the portraits, he's called "Pyro".  
  • It's currently unknown why the Pyro was never implemented but it is speculated that it could have been due to copyright issues or backlash from the community.

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