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Walking Cane
Inventory slot background Walking Cane
Crafting Gold Nugget ×2 Walrus Tusk ×1 Twigs ×4
Tab Icon Dress
Tier Alchemy Engine
Damage 17
Durability Has no durability
Perk 25% faster movement speed
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "cane"
I can walk AND hit things!


The Walking Cane is a Dress item, which can also be used as a weapon. It increases the character's movement speed by 25% while equipped. Although it only deals half the damage of a Spear when used as a weapon, the Cane does not have durability and therefore doesn't break. It requires Walrus Tusk, 2 Gold Nuggets, 4 Twigs, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

The Walking Cane's speed boost puts the characters on the same level as many other creatures who could otherwise outrun them.

The speed boost provided by the Cane can cause the character to outrun followers like Chester or Pigs. This is especially common with natural and Cobblestone roads, which increases speed by 50% and forces the player to stop and wait for them to catch up. On a road, a character can outrun any mob in the game, provided that the creature isn't on the road as well.

The Walking Cane can be used to craft the The Lazy Explorer.

The cane can also be used as weak backup weapon. As it has infinite durability, it can be swung indefinitely whist providing the user with a speed boost for kiting.

While still not showing a durability % the cane can break in Reign of Giants, when used for attacking excessively.

TabScience RecipeEdit

Inventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot backgroundGold NuggetInventory slot background Walrus TuskInventory slot backgroundTwigs


Interface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundWalking Cane

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundNightmare FuelInventory slot backgroundNightmare FuelInventory slot background Walking CaneInventory slot backgroundOrange GemInventory slot backgroundOrange GemInterface arrow rightInventory slot backgroundThe Lazy Explorer

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The Walking Cane was added in The End Is Nigh update.
  • One can stack the speed bonus with the Magiluminescence to have a total increase of 50% movement speed while both items are worn, which means that while on a road, the player will have a terrific 100% speed boost. You can increase this even more with WX-78's overload speed boost.
  • The Walking Cane can be found on a Set Piece and taken at will.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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