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Ms. Wickerbottom
Nickname The Librarian
Motto "Shhhh! No talking!"
Perk Knows many things, self publishes books, can't sleep, hates food spoilage.
Sanity 250
Health 150
Hunger 150
Special Item Birds of the WorldApplied HorticultureSleepytime StoriesOn TentaclesThe End is Nigh
Starting Items Papyrus x2
I'm no rabologist.


Wickerbottom is the fifth unlockable Character (1280 exp, see Experience for more information on how to unlock her). She is a caucasian woman with square glasses, black hair tied into a bun, a cream lattice shirt, a long red skirt and white heeled shoes. She is a librarian and an author (and apparently a publisher too), and she can identify many different types of fauna and flora by their scientific names (suggesting she may have experience in biology as well). Wickerbottom can make all Science Machine recipes without having to build the Science Machine. (But does not gain the 15 sanity per prototype for those since she already knows them at game start.) The rest of the recipes can be prototyped with a research machine one tier lower than the one usually required. (Science Machine can make Alchemy Engine recipes. This does not apply to magic research machines.) Therefore, only a Science Machine is needed to unlock all science recipes for prototyping. As of the "Strange New Powers" update she does require a shadow manipulator in order to prototype the On tentacles book.

Wickerbottom also lacks the ability to sleep in a Tent, Bed Roll, or Fur Roll due to her being an insomniac. She also receives a larger sanity loss when consuming Spoiled foods.

Special Power

Wickerbottom Lightning
Wickerbottom reading the "The End Is Nigh" book
TeoSS69Added by TeoSS69
Wickerbottom's Special Power is a crafting tab called Books, as well as starting with 2 Papyrus in her inventory.

This new tab allows Wickerbottom to create different types of magical books with Papyrus and other different ingredients. Depending on what type of ingredient is added you will receive a different type of book with a different type of effect.

Buffs and debuffs

Wickerbottom has a maximum sanity of 250, the highest of any characters (excluding a fully upgraded WX-78). However, she suffers from insomnia and she can't sleep, therefore alternative forms of sanity regeneration are required. In winter, it's a struggle to keep her sane.

Making a Top Hat and eating Cooked Green Mushrooms is highly recommended in early stages, as well as going after the Tam o' Shanter and Sewing Kits in winter and later stages. 

She also hates spoiled and/or raw food, her sanity will suffer greatly if the player eats that kind of food.

Stage Effect
Green (Fresh) Restores the full amount of Hunger, HealthMeter and Sanity for a given food
Yellow (Stale) Restores 1/3(normally 2/3) of Hunger, 1/4(normally 1/3) of HealthMeter for a given food and doesn't restore any Sanity
Red (Spoiled) Restores 1/6(normally 1/2) of Hunger for a given food, doesn't restore any HealthMeter and decreases Sanity by 10

Placeholder Trivia

  • Wickerbottom is sounded by an oboe.
  • Wickerbottom's eyes are shut by default, but open sometimes, like when she exits a wormhole or is low at sanity.
  • She is the most literate of Don't Starve's characters and always refers to animals by their scientific names. The only exception to this are creatures that are completely unknown to her. This could provide information as to what animals/creatures in the Don't Starve universe exist in her homeworld and which were created by Maxwell.
  • Her debuff makes her an insomniac, a disorder which makes going to sleep/staying asleep difficult.
  • Wickerbottom is still able to be knocked out by cooking a Mandrake or consuming a Cooked Mandrake.
  • Wickerbottom's favorite food is fish, judging by her examination quotes. This is referring to fish being considered a "brain food".
  • Wickerbottom has a skull.
  • Wickerbottom's previous perk, before the Strange New Powers update, was to be able to prototype one tier higher than the other players.

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