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Nickname The Firestarter
Motto "Things are so much prettier when they burn."
Perk Immune to fire damage
Has a sweet lighter
Regenerates Sanity near Fire
Health 150
Hunger 150
Sanity 120
Special Item Willow's Lighter
Starting Items Willow's Lighter

Hmmm. I wonder if these will burn.


Willow is the first unlockable Character  in Don't Starve. She can be unlocked with 160 XP (gained after surviving 8 days).

Special Powers

Willow Lighter

Willow and her lucky Lighter.

  1. Willow comes equipped with her own exclusive Lighter (see Willow's Lighter). The lighter functions similarly to a Torch, but with a lower light radius. It has unlimited uses and can be used to provide Category:Light Sources during the Night without being attacked by Charlie or to set objects on fire.
  2. Willow is immune to Fire damage.
  3. Willow regenerates Sanity when near fires. The larger the fire, the more Sanity she gains (up to 10 Sanity/min).


Willow is a Pyromaniac and will randomly light fires when her Sanity level is at 60 or less (she has the second lowest max Sanity in the game at 120). After starting the fire she will say "Oops," "I made a fire!," or "Tee Hee!." This is triggered without warning and gives her the potential to start forest fires or destroy player-made base/camp structures. When the fire goes out it will leave a pile of Ash.


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  • There is no cap to the amount of Sanity/min that Willow can gain from multiple fires. Dropping multiple items on the ground (Grass, Logs, etc.) and then setting them on fire can be a good way to gain massive amounts of Sanity.
  • Due to her immunity to fire, Willow can set fire to items in her inventory in order to regain Sanity and warmth.

Placeholder Trivia

  • Willow's age is in the early 20's.[1]
  • Willow was a Girl Scout and she earned all the patches, according to her quote when examining the Tent.
  • Willow dislikes Rabbits, according to her examination quotes.
  • Willow has a soft spot for the Koalefant, according to her examination quotes.
  • When struck by Lightning in the Reign of Giants DLC, Willow is shown to have bones in her hair. In addition, she also has bones in her skirt.
  • Willow's voice is sounded by a flute.
  • Willow's previous perk, before the Strange New Powers update, was to light fires at her feet when in darkness.

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