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Willow's Lighter
Inventory slot background Willow's Lighter
Damage 17
Durability Infinite
Perk Can burn stuff
Stacks up to Does not stack
DebugSpawn "lighter"
That's my lucky lighter!


Willow's Lighter is an in-game item you receive while playing as Willow. It is intended to tie into her personality as 'the Firestarter'. It has infinite fuel, so it will last forever, and it acts as a light source in darkness, enough to prevent attacks from Charlie. The light given off from The Lighter is very small (less than a torch), and also she will receive an extremely small sanity boost when equipped, and barely provide warmth to slow freezing.

The Lighter works much like the torch in that it has the ability to ignite flammable items. The Lighter was introduced in the June 25th preview. It is one of the first character-specific items implemented in the game's history, and is the first item of the 'Hand' slot which can raise Sanity, (But only available to Willow).

Comparison of the light from Willow's Lighter and that from a torch(00:18)
Comparison of the light from Willow's Lighter and that from a torch
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Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Before the addition of the lighter, Willow would light small fires at her feet when put in complete darkness. This made her essentially invulnerable to Grue attacks. With the introduction of the lighter, the player must take action and equip the lighter in order to access this invulnerability.
  • The design of the lighter refers to the beginnings of the 20th century or the end of the 19th.
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