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Nickname The Gentleman Scientist
Motto "I will conquer it all with the power of my MIND!"
Perk Grows a magnificent beard
Sanity 200
Health 150
Hunger 150
Special Item Beard
Do you like science?


Wilson Percival Higgsbury is the first available Character in Don't Starve and was the first character with a confirmed backstory, thus making him the main protagonist of the game. He has no character-specific item, and his only perk is that he can grow a magnificent Beard.


Don't Starve Forbidden Knowledge01:40

Don't Starve Forbidden Knowledge

With the Forbidden Knowledge video published to Klei Entertainment's YouTube channel and hidden in their website, Wilson's origin was revealed. He's the only character with an official origin.

Wilson used to live in a rickety wooden house in the mountains, where he performed experiments all day. After a mixture of some sort exploded in a puff in his face, he sat down, agitated that things weren't working out for him. He didn't have too much time to do so, however, as he heard a mysterious voice coming from his radio (revealed to be Maxwell's later on in the video). Maxwell offered Wilson secret and forbidden knowledge, and Wilson, willing and hungry for said knowledge, hastily agreed. This caused massive amounts of information to be inserted into his head. What Wilson didn't know was that almost all this information wasn't about anything scientific.

With this newfound knowledge, he began building a mysterious machine. When the machine was finished, he gazed upon it in wonder. Maxwell told him to throw the switch - Wilson, however, was hesitant. Only with a bit of egging on - Maxwell shouting "DO IT!" - does he pull the lever. Wilson then realized that this machine was some sort of portal, only meant to lead him to his demise. As Maxwell laughed maniacally, shadowy hands appeared from the floor and pulled Wilson into the mysterious wilderness world where Don't Starve takes place.


Beard Based Survival

Wilson's beard has two basic characteristics:

  • The beard provides a maximum of 135 insulation against Freezing
  • The beard can be shaved for beard hair, allowing the player to make a Meat Effigy.
Wilson Full Beard

Wilson's beard at full length and maximum magnificence.

The beard will take exactly 15 days to grow to its full length (full length at the beginning of day 16), and since Winter starts on day 21 on default settings, this proves advantageous for Winter survival. In fact, with a Puffy Vest, a Beefalo Hat, a Heat Stone and the beard at full length, Wilson can have the highest insulation factor in the game at 735. Assuming the player leaves a heat source with a 40 degree body temperature, with 735 insulation he will have about 16.67 minutes before taking damage from freezing, 40.2 seconds longer than two full Day-Night Cycles. This allows him more freedom to gather food and supplies. Also, in the event that combat with other monsters in the dead of winter has proven to take longer than expected, Wilson will be able to fight longer before he needs to find a source of heat. This is especially useful when tracking a Winter Koalefant, which usually requires extended time away from fire to follow its trail.

The player should also consider the fact that with the beard at full length, obtaining sufficient insulation to survive the winter is less difficult, meaning the player can spend time preparing for winter in other ways. For example, instead of tracking down a Koalefant in order to make a Breezy Vest, the player could focus on ensuring enough Rabbit Traps have been placed or plenty of Logs have been gathered in preparation for the reduced effectiveness of fuel during Winter. If the player is entering Winter with little more than Rabbit Earmuffs, it would be wise to keep the beard for the added insulation.

If plenty of insulated clothing has been gathered prior to Winter, shaving may be a good option. Bear in mind that a Meat Effigy will require 4 beard hair, and the soonest this can be obtained outside of lowering Sanity to hunt Beardlings is 16 days with a total yield of 9 hair. Shaving leaves the player with less insulation for the Winter, but a nice insurance policy from the Meat Effigy. Shaving the beard at any stage before full length will not provide enough Beard Hair in a single shaving, but it can always be stored for later as it does not degrade.

Overall, Wilson is meant for better Winter survival and efficiency, as well as easier access to Meat Effigies. His Health, Hunger, and Sanity stats make him a good all-around character, and many players (from beginners to experts) find that Wilson, as well as his beard, provides welcome advantages to surviving in the wilderness.

Reign of Giants icon Reign of Giants

In the Reign of Giants DLC, having a beard during Summer will make Wilson Overheat faster, so it is advised to shave before Summer up until the first few days of Autumn.

Placeholder Trivia

  • Wilson's voice is sounded by a "Harmon muted trumpet (mixed with some cup muted trumpet as well)".
  • Wilson's age is in the early 30's.[1]
  • So far Wilson is the only Character to be given a background in video form.
    • While the designs are flying around Wilson in the origin video, a Tie Fighter from Star Wars and other various words, such as "KLEI", can be seen.
    • On the video, when Wilson is holding the radio up (~00:40), there is a hidden link (in fact http: is shown in the video) that leads to a page with the machine that Wilson built. Clicking on the machine's lever will turn the machine on and go to a page with concept art on the Don't Starve website, along with a message from Maxwell.
  • With the introduction of the Insanity! update, Wilson was no longer the only character that could build the Meat Effigy. With the implementation of Webber in the Reign of Giants DLC, he was no longer the only character that could grow a beard.
  • Wilson is the only character unaffected by the Strange New Powers update, aside from Maxwell, who was not finished in time and got his new powers later on in the All's Well That Maxwell update.
  • Wilson has a skull.
  • Before the November 14, 2013 patch, Wilson used to share a lot of examination quotes with the other characters. 
  • Wilson can be used as a Steam chat emoticon.
  • Team Fortress 2 promoted Don't Starve with a hat modeled after Wilson's hair.
  • Wilson is the only character whose full name is known.
  • When struck by Lightning in the Reign of Giants DLC, Wilson, like most other characters, is shown to have bones in his hair.

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