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For details on Maxwell's Door, please check here.
Wooden Thing
Renewable? Can't be destroyed
Common Biomes Chess
DebugSpawn "teleportato_base"
My beautiful machine is in pieces!


Wooden Thing overworld map icon

Wooden Thing overworld map icon

The Wooden Thing, (Commonly referred as the Teleportato when completed) is a special object. It is guarded by one Clockwork Rook, 2 Clockwork Knights and 2 Clockwork Bishops and some Evil Flowers. Once combined with all of the other Things in any order, it can then be activated, allowing the player to journey to the next world. The components will spawn on different parts of the map, sometimes at complete opposite ends. When activated, dark, demonic hands will emerge from the ground, and grab the player, dragging the character into the earth. 

The player can take their current inventory, including backpacks, in Sandbox Mode. However, when playing Adventure Mode players can only take 4 items. Eye Bone and Divining Rod can't be put inside the Adventure Teleportato, and if taken through in Sandbox Mode, they will turn into Ashes. In both modes the player retains already unlocked crafting recipes as well as the ability to place pre-built structures.

The player will gain Experience based on the days survived, potentially unlocking new Characters. They will also be able to switch to a different Character for the next world, except in Adventure Mode. WX-78 keeps its upgraded stats when moving between worlds.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • If the player runs right after they click "Let's Go" and run away from the Wooden Thing, the animation will play while the player is moving forward, and when the "You Escaped" box appears, it will still show the screen moving in the direction of the character's shadow until it eventually hits a wall or the sea.
  • Getting attacked by mobs upon activating a Wooden Thing will play the damage taken sound of the player, but the player will take no damage.
  • Bringing a character specific item through the portal will spawn an extra of the item(s)
  • Debug spawning in the Teleportato_Checkmate will cause your game to go black even though the sound effects will still play.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The Wooden Thing spawns at the center of a Chess Biome.
  • Before The End is Nigh update, players could bring all of their items in Survival mode and four items in Adventure mode, both excluding the Eye Bone as it turns into Ashes of Eye Bone.
  • Players can pre-build structures (by crafting the item with the required materials, but refraining from building) and "bring" them through a completed Wooden Thing. This will allow the player to set up a new base much faster.
  • Players can use backpacks in order to transport more items to the new world.
  • The runes on the Wooden Thing spell "makswell" in Elder Futhark.

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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