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Worm Hole
Sanity Loss -15
Renewable? Can't be destroyed.
DebugSpawn "wormhole"

Sick Wormhole
Sick Wormhole
Sanity Loss -15
Renewable? No
DebugSpawn "wormhole_limited_1"



Worm Holes are essentially living tunnels which connect two points in the world together. They appear as mouths in the ground which open when approached. When the option ‘Jump in Worm Hole’ is selected, the character will leap inside and be spat out the other end after a brief delay. There are multiple Worm Holes in most worlds and they always connect the same two places on the map. Often they will end in two completely different areas with different resources, such as a Forest (with lots of Trees) and a Savanna (with lots of Grass and Boulders).

Traveling through a Worm Hole causes a Sanity loss of 15. Sanity can be quickly drained by repeatedly jumping into them. Smallbirds, PigsMandrakes and other followers will follow any Characters through a Worm Hole, as will Chester if the Eye Bone is in your inventory. Many objects, such as Food, Gravedigger Items,Rocks,Nitre,Flint and Wooden Thing components can be dropped into the Wormhole,and will be spat

out the other end.

Sick Worm HoleEdit

Sick Worm Holes are dying and can only be used for one-way travel. Once these Worm Holes are used their "exit" shrivels up and dies, preventing the player from traveling back. They look similar to their healthy counterparts but their "skin" and mouth are a more yellow/green tint as opposed to a healthy red. They only spawn in the "Two Worlds" chapter in Adventure Mode.


  • Worm Holes are an effective way to escape from dangerous enemies, such as a Deerclops, a large pack of Hounds, or MacTusk.
  • Build your settlement next to a Worm Hole for quick travel to another biome/area.
  • If you use a Worm Hole to escape from a hostile mob, it will be waiting for you there until you return. If you find yourself unprepared to deal with a tough mob (such as a Hound attack), this can be a good way to temporarily escape.
  • Make sure to note the positions and links between wormholes, to avoid confusion/wasted time. This is more important during winter (and summer in Reign of Giants), because mistakes are more costly.
  • A good thing to do with a wormhole camp is to have fire pits, science machines, and other structures on both sides. That way if Deerclops comes, you will have a backup base.
  • Worm hole can be given items to be transported to the wormhole connecting towards it, it can be used as a good way of transporting goods without worrying about inventory slots.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Wickerbottom refers to the Worm Hole as "Megadrilacea Oraduos." Megadrilacea is an order of earthworms, and oraduos means two mouths or openings.
  • The sick version of the Worm Hole was added in the "Doorway To Adventure" update.
  • A Worm Hole spawned via DebugSpawn will only open its mouth when you walk away from it and can only be examined.
  • When a Worm Hole is opened by the player standing near it, it will make breathing noises.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Opening the map at the same time the player is jumping in a Worm Hole will cause the Worm Hole's animation to never finish.
  • The other end of the Worm Hole can be in the water. However, the player cannot get onto walkable ground until the player goes back in the Worm Hole.
  • Jumping into a Worm Hole with sanity below 40 will skip the animation/sound and show the screen moving to the other end of the worm hole, where, it will show the character leaning over with their hands on their head (which players will do occasionally on low sanity), and then play the animation of the player emerging from the Worm Hole.
  • Jumping into a Sick Worm Hole can cause a lua code error when the next day arrives.
  • Jumping into a Worm Hole and then interrupting the action by clicking away, changing equipment, or being attacked will make the sound of going though a Worm Hole but the player won't lose sanity or teleport.
  • If a player enters a Worm Hole just before the night sets, Charlie will not attack when the character comes out of the other side. (This bug is fixed by going to somewhere lit and then back into darkness again.)

Gold Nugget GalleryEdit

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